Film Review: ‘HeadHunters’

1 Jun

Headhunters is a Norwegian film from the same producers as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy- it has all of the grittyness and the pace of the trilogy to boot. The film focuses on a headhunter who is also an art thief as a sideline (in order to support is wife’s expensive life style). He undertakes an important heist of a painting from a business man and it all goes badly wrong and involves, amongst other things having to immerse himself in waste matter (breathing only through a toilet roll) skewering a dog with a fork lift truck and shaving his curly locks and going bald in order to avade the police.

The film is underpinned by black humour. You end up laughing at scenes and then querying whether you should be or not.

I enjoyed it-it was a good exciting thriller and I did appreciate the  black humour enormously. However, overall I felt there was no real depth to the piece, and I really wanted depth too (but maybe that isn’t the role of a thriller?); or perhaps, it’s just a prejudice of mine. I needed another layer of meaning to make it stick in my memory. That being said, the time whizzed by, I was caught up in the action and will they get/him wont they get him hoo-ha. But it wont stick in my mind like that fantastic film we saw: The Woman in the 5th! (NOT!)

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