Arti-Trip To Tate Modern: Cildo Meireles

11 Jun

You know how it is, you go into a gallery with the wholehearted intention of going to see the Damien Hurst exhibition- good to see it in the flesh as opposed to just  in magazines and on the telly, and then, instead, you end up obsessing over a completely different artist in the card shop at the exit. This is how it was for me, at least.

The postcard of  Fontes, a piece by Brazilian conceptual artist Cildo Meireles screamed out at me from the ranks of cards. To me it looked like a forest, or a path through some trees but in actuality it’s 6000 carpenter’s rulers. It’s one part of an installation which also includes 500,00 vinyl numbers, soundtracks and 1000 clocks. The piece, apparently,  mimics the spiral structure of the Milky Way.

He appears to be a really amazingly politicized, challenging and participatory artist.

The Tate Modern have an interesting video on him. Here

We also just missed the exhibition of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who is well know for her artwork which incorporates repetitions of repeated dots. I bought a really lovely postcard of hers in the card shop.;

She’s also well known for creating these amazing light installations….

The Tate Modern have an interesting video on her. Here.

So what is the moral of this? Well, I think it goes something along these lines: don’t knock an art gallery’s card shop it may, just may, open up new vistas of inspiration………

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