Pseudo-Intellectualism and A Creative Writing Competition Rant!

18 Jun

Sometimes just the way some people say things gets right under my skin, particularly if there’s a mis-reading going on. And there’s something very particular about some pseudo arty-types who because they’ve had a bit of an education think they know everything about how to critique and how to supposedly encourage creatives. People who have veneers and are not themselves are transparent. What comes out of their mouths does not come from a place of understanding. It comes from a place of prejudice and pseudo- intellectuality which is far removed from the norm and not grounded in truth or empathy. Where is the grace in that; or, indeed, the support? There can be nothing worse than being interpreted incorrectly. Particularly, if you have spent along time on a piece, and you know what it’s about. If you’ve spent hours honing a clause, or totally understanding the texture and background of your subject matter to be then  analysed incorrectly  can be patronising and not supportive. Oh, yes… do keep up with writing..Do…Mmmmm..from which pedestal are you preaching from…

It’s a bit of a farce, and very disheartening. Creativity should be supported without  prejudice or without making the creator  feel vulnerable or discouraged. To sit in judgement as judge of somebody else’s effort is no place to be . Or if you are, you need to be encompassing , gentle, humble  and wholehearted;  not hiding behind a veil of  superiority.

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