Overview: Dove Project Session 1 (27/06/2012)

28 Jun

Well, we’re off the ground! And what I got from this session was just what a multi-faceted play ‘The Dove’  is; and how much steady work we are going to have to put in to bring its complexity  to light in our project.

We had a good old go at an improvisation before an overall read- through. The idea being that the improvisation could provide us with a platform from which  to attempt to engage with the ‘energies’ of the characters before an actual textual read-through. This sort of worked (great characterisation by Amelia, Vera, and the good old (or should I say young deer) Dove), but as was pointed out to me, it was quite difficult to do the characterisations and energies justice when none of us have really got to grips with the characters as yet. This led on to a straight read-through immediately in order to address this fact.

The read through went really well- for a first- time reading of all the parts. Everybody really caught the flavour of their characters, and I can see how everything will develop. The read-through raised lots of thematic issues, and we’re going to have to spend a lot of time going through the text in micro so we can work out all the nuances and develop a rich, challenging piece that can resonate through into the now. A lot of what we had to talk about was connected to questioning the exact nature of  The Dove. Is she a manifestation of Amelia and Vera? Do we play her modern? Lots of points of ambiguity were found in the text which we will be making decisions about as we go along.

I also unveiled (if that is the right word), my first attempt at creating a film which could act as an example and embody the feeling of the type of audio/visual piece I had mind for The Dove Project. Cobbled out of bits of a recording of a short story and a few video clips film in the Country Park came  ‘Harvey Was Heavy’. I tried to pack in as many techniques as I could to see what I could do with the software and overall it was successful, but there was no real clear development in the piece, which their will be in The Dove Project.  But it was a good experiment, and I was in flow whilst doing it- which was fabulous! I’ll put a little snippet of the film up shortly…

I shall put my calendar- head on and plump for a date in July for the next Dove Session, and then we can see if it suits-adjusting accordingly. It was also agreed that unless otherwise stated ArtiPeeps Sessions would always take place on the last/4th Wednesday of the Month.

I so much appreciated all the concentration, energy and input of all the Peeps at the session. THANK YOU!

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