Session 9 ArtiPeep Update Wednesday 25th July 2012

26 Jul

Goodness me…session 9, eh?!

Many thanks to Sharon and Karin for their subtle, honest and interested contributions…much appreciated!! This was the first session with a direct self-development edge, and I have to admit I was slightly trepidatious about it. It’s all fine and good for me to find creative themes that we can explore with cardboard and glue, but linking it to themes and personal issues that mean something to the contributers, now that’s a responsibility!

I’ve put an outline of the session on our Session Page, and I’m going to insert a detailed  JPeg Mindmap of what we covered.  Just click on the link below and it pops up in your browser!

I shall also be producing a 1 page overview sheet for each session which can act as a back-up and a reminder of the themes we covered.

Session Mindmap Link

Overall, I found the session to be really productive, and a good mix of creativity and honest conversation about what we felt mattered to us/inspired us  and where we needed, perhaps, to focus as individuals in order to move us on in our lives. I’ll be sending out an email shortly outlining the specific areas we talked about individually.

Because we all weren’t together (for very good reasons, I hasten to add), I didn’t quite start the session off where I would have if we would have been together (does that make sense? ). But it gave me a really clear idea of how to move forward with the sessions structurally and thematically, which is great. It’s going to work really well! It’s quite exciting…Your input will be valued (and needed) all the way so we can develop this into something really special, fed and developed  by the ‘users’ themselves.

Our creative expressions of ‘what matters to us’ were really powerful;  and my goodness, did Sharon write a great poem!  which I hope she’ll be sharing via our blog. There’s a brilliant, clear voice there-really individual, cutting right to the nub of things. Fab! And Bard Karin produced another succinct and sensitive short poem, which I hope she’ll post as well when she’s mastered the WordPress login (Mrs Techno-Techno)…..

I also raised the idea of instigating an Admin meeting every so often so we could discuss the development of ArtiPeeps and any other more formal matters. We can perhaps combine it with a bit of a social.  We’ll discuss this when we’re all together.

We’re having the next Peep meeting on the Wednesday 29th August as per usual, and it was decided that we wont have a Dove Project meeting this month. We need an Amelia and a Vera

Once again, a  wholehearted  thank you to Karin and Sharon for their lovely presences (can you say that?)  and contribution (and Elaine and Gill, you were missed, but Paris must be fabulous. Many,many happy marriage anniversary wishes to you two).

Peeps United!


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