Rethinking Some Thoughts

5 Aug

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the relationship between ArtiPeeps and what I want to do with my Self-Development on-line/1-to-1 course. How can they feed into each other? Can they? Indeed, what is the exact nature of them? What do I want from them, and what do I want them to give to you, and anybody else who might be a Peep at some stage? How can I best give what I want to give to you, and how can it be turned into a business with a conscience and with ethics? And, and……………and….

Lots of thoughts……………

I’ve been quietly coming to the conclusion that I can’t really think of them as two entities that can feed off each other. I think, after a bit of an epiphany last night, and what the last July session felt like. They need to be kept separate. One: specific, targeted to the individual, focusing on change over a finite period of time. You are here and you want to get there.  BAM!- (Lot’s of musings this morning over what I could call it: I’ve thought of  ‘FREEME’ or ‘FREEYOURME’, ‘FREEYOURCREATIVEME’: unlock your creative potential as the tag…unsure…still working on it.. Just musings at the mo’. It will come……..The other, our ArtiPeeps,  is about exploration, self-development and creativity over an extended period of time. We’re in no rush, as long as we’re creating, enjoying ourselves and moving forward. There’s a striking difference between the two;  and yes, people who are doing the 121s can come along but the INTENTION is very different, and I hadn’t quite twigged that, so it’s made me re-think about how the ArtiPeep sessions could run. Keeping up the themed element, focused on self-development, but in a less obvious way. Themes generated from within, from you. Still thinking about this…. I’m going to and set up a little back-log of themes which I can draw on, creating mindmaps in advance of sessions (This will all feed in beautifully when the other groups start, next year..). So what I’ve basically decided is to keep ‘FREEME’ completely separate from ArtiPeeps, a completely different product. I’ll remove it from the blog, and it will have it’s own site. So the Practice page will vanish, and a logo-link will appear on the ArtiPeeps Home Page to the ‘FREEME’ Blog…Still thinking that one through….


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