ArtiPeeps’ Inspiration Pointers

6 Aug
  • 😉
  • Follow Your Bliss- Bring Forth What Is Inside You
  • Be You-live for something
  • Connect to Source
  • Enthusiasm brings Creative Energy
  • Love, and do what you will
  • You Are Not the Roles You Play
  • Separate Your Thoughts from the Situation
  • Exercise Your Mind With Strong Determination: diligently, patiently persistently (and playfully). Choose with awareness, equanimity & Wisdom
  • The soul attracts what it loves and fears
  • Cherish Your Vision- Follow with Courage and Self-Reliance
  • Until You Face how You Feel Not What You Should Feel Healing Can’t Begin
  • Counter Your Negative Belief With A Positive One
  • Every thought matches what you give back
  • Creator or Victim/ Procrastinator or Creator?
  • Be-Do-Have- Happy With that Which We Are
  • Sit With Discomfort without trying to fix it
  • Flexibility and openness bring strength
  • Prefer the choice to not doing at all, then do it wholeheartedly
  • Have a safety net of compassion
  • Be kind. act like your ideal of your self: now
  • Connect to your intention-with discipline, wisdom, love and surrender
  • Say Yes To Life
  • How can you serve?
  • Use Your Signature strengths every day (see Authentic Happiness link in  the link list)
  • What one can be one must be
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Count Your blessings
  • Plunge In, not to fear mistakes
  • Embrace Uncertainty
  • Live with Integrity Following your Source
  • Relate to your vision with deep knowing and not fear
  • Never let a negative thought complete itself
  • See only what you wish to experience

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