More Thoughts A Comin’….

8 Aug

🙂 I‘ve been going to the country park a lot in the late afternoon this week:  taking my journal and pen, sitting on the back edge of a bench on a little hillock and planning and brainstorming and thinking, thinking creative thoughts. Also looking out across the green and watching  the beautiful delicate trees swaying in the wind, I’ve thought how lucky I am, and how it’s all before me, if I just keep baby-stepping along, the way I am. Just saying yes to what life is calling me to do, and trusting, trusting, trusting…I’ve thought a lot about what I wrote about in my last blog. More thoughts about what this all could turn into, and making sure it uses all my talents, and benefits, provides a service.  Out of this, out of all this pondering , I think, there’s going to be a shift in relation to ArtiPeeps and  the course I’m producing with the creativity aspect of it driving the self-development aspect much more. The focus will be on the creativity, and the individual changes and developments will be subtly driven underneath (the 121 course will, of course, be finely focused…it’s a different kettle of fish…) . I say this because I’ve been really focusing on what I’m good at, and what I’m good at is: 1. embodying large amounts of information and knowledge, applying it creatively, and then creating something out of it (this is my unique creative genius) and 2.  unlocking people’s creative potential and providing innovative pursuits and activities that allow that to happen.  I’ve been looking at the Hedgehog Concept (a way you can work out how your greatest gifts, passion, and business ideas (and what drives the business economically) can connect profoundly, and in so doing create something that is unique, needed and profoundly fulfilling because you’re doing what you love). Hence the shift of my focus.

Matters are shifting every day and evolving and my intention is that I’m going to let them because the more and more I explore the closer I’m going to get to what is going to be my future. All I have to do is keep baby-stepping, showing up each day, preparing my vegan notes, developing ArtiPeeps, writing my creativity lecture, doing my apps and working on my websites; and diligently, patiently,  persistently and playfully my life unfolds…

Here’s A link to some beautiful music…so inspiring:

Kate Rusby- Underneath the Stars

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