13 Aug

🙂 Since the last ArtiPeep session I’ve been thinking a lot about INTENTION, which has been further enhanced by my acquistition of Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention.  Here he sites Carlos Castanada’s (a great lover of Shamanism) definition:

‘Intent is a force that exists in the universe. When sorcerers (those who live of the source) beckon intent it comes to them and sets up a path of attainment which means that a sorcerer always accomplish what they set out to do’. 

This past week I’ve been very  busy stretching my hand upwards reaching high for intent to help me crack my issues with Gentleness ( teeth issues a-go-go, causing me gyp…I’ll say no more…except it pushes all my buttons). But my intent has been oh-so strong.  This is one of the last few issues I have but it’s a big one: one that goes right to my core and my heart,  and every day when I brush my teeth old, cruel ArtiPeep (perfection and cruelty-love it) bashes up against ArtiPeep (who knows gentleness and imperfection are A  ok) and for the space of the brushing there’s a bloody battle , and ArtiPeep looks at herself in the mirror and says with great vehemency :’  ArtiPeep doesn’t have to listen to old ArtiPeep!’. ‘No, no, no. You don’t need to listen to her anymore’. My intent,  in this regard you see,  is strong, rock solid. There is no need for cruelty and sharding to still be in my life. I deserve better. My intention is to learn gentleness and kindness towards myself( and this is the opportunity through which I can do so; and I don’t mean something half-hearted but something root-strong that spreads its tendrils throughout my life.  Gentleness and kindness throughout-not just for me but spread out to all those I meet. And I know, oh yes I know, that it will be this that will transform me and let me truly flourish into my future (near-apparent) and into my life right now (apparent). It’s one of the biggest battles I’ve ever had, and this is where my warriorship is coming in handy. There I stand sword and shield in hand. and I do, I d o, most certainly, do,  feel solid, like there is a true centre to me that stretches down through me into the brown earth. It’s there (and I can hardly believe it ). It really is. and I can close my eyes and feel it, really, really feel it. and it is my intent that is holding me there however I am feeling.

And as each day passes I am feeling like I’m getting closer to my source, to the force which I feel, more and more is giving me all these opportunities and ideas. It is this knowledge and the feeling,  when I close my eyes,  that makes me know I’m on my path.  So I’m truely grateful that this opportunity has come for me to set and challenge  my intent in such a rigorous way, and I shall raise my shield, cup my face in my hand (should I need comfort) and continue to move forward. Step by Step. I will accomplish what I have set out to do.

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