Baby Steps, Procrastination & Practising

5 Sep

Putting difficult matters off, avoiding incidents and tasks that trigger us, setting aside difficult things (I’ll do that tomorrow) can prevent us from completing things and from creating things. Baby Steps are the key to managing fear and procrastination (indeed, they’ve literally saved me, and help me show up day-in, day-out and produce). When life looms large, and what you want seems way too big for you to cope with baby steps are the way to get things done. Doing small bite -sized tasks that build towards your outcome really keep you moving forward even if you’re not feeling like it. By concentrating on the bite- sized you can stay within the momentum of the process and the moment, manage your anxiety  and not vanish into the huge chasm of the outcome. We get too caught up in outcomes. Yes, they’re important for us to have as a guide but they should not be the thing that drives you. Then you miss the ride, you miss the moment and you can stop enjoying what’s right in front of you. You forget to enjoy the process.

Baby steps work. They really do. Break things down into bite-sized pieces: manageable and tailored to you. Then just move from one baby step to the next, day by day, persistently and steadfastly. Then lo-and-behold you’ve got to where you want to be; or, if not that, you’ve taken a different route and you’re somewhere even better!

Baby-steps are brilliant for procrastination. If there’s something large and looming that’s coming up. Rather than sitting there doing nothing, waiting for that moment to act; an  oh, yes, that’s right, it’s not quite the right time to do this ‘I’ll do it tomorrow, when I’m feeling more like it’ moment …running in your head…. Baby-steps can change that. They empower you and facilitate manageable action.

Say, if you’re putting off paying bills, or not opening certain letters. Start off by just putting the envelope on the table. Commit to putting it on the table every day, and Practice doing it until it feels right. Then, say, commit to opening the letter and sitting beside it. Practice that. Then move on to the next stage. Etc. etc. You catch my drift…. Slowly, slowly you are moving things along, not stressing yourself out and being in the moment (what could be better than that) , and AND moving towards your outcome at the very same time. Hurrah!

Try it and see.

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