My Commitment To Creativity

12 Sep

My commitment To All Things Creative, Including You…………..

In my heart of hearts there lies a 100% commitment to the:

lightening-bolt pen

the spear-headed oil slicked brush

the graphite pencil and the book-inspired hush. All and any means that allow a person to express, shape and articulate their lives.

                To the fine shaving of a plank of wood, from textured to smooth; to anything that we form, make or do. That makes our 

blood flow       time pass   our eyes sparkle and our hearts glow.  

                                               Creativity is exhibited in a myriad of  finely nuanced ways- site-specific, totally you.

In the swirl of a stick of charcoal or  a green stemmed arrangement, in the  clickity-click of a knitting needle, cut of vegetable or a camera shutter flick.  In all  these acts lies a creative heart, a need to express and be who we are.

I commit to  you:  to the clack and the swish, to the splat and the building,  to the celebration,  the expression and activity, the dance, the dig-deep revealing.

I commit to unlocking and nurturing and facilitating and being, and trying and playing and feeling and helping and succeeding.

In revealing all that we can be-the chaff and the heart, the bits that communicate who we are.

I say YES to all of the above, a big heart-shaped boom-boom intention to inspire, to help release, to uncover and reveal expression-  your creativity , and to do so with energy, sparkle and vigor because we all deserve to express how magnificently abundant we all are-in macro and micro, in work and in play.

We all have potential right from the heart. It can get masked and hidden and repressed and crumpled but it is always there. We all have potential right from the heart. From the heart be all you are (every moment, every breath and component). Oh, be all you are.


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