Inspiration Point: My Morning Wiggle

15 Sep

I have had a firmly established morning meditation practice for well over a year now (which I now wouldn’t be without; indeed, where would I be without it?) and alongside my practice I have several rituals and habits that make my mornings start off in a really positive, playful way. They set me up for a good day ahead, or, at least, the intention of having a good day ahead. If I start off the way I do even if my day is rough it can’t be too bad for too long.

One of my habits/rituals is what I call ‘my morning wiggle’ . There I am in the middle of my kitchen, arms about to flail like an octopus, feet  poised to slip-slide like a duck’s webbed feet on ice,  anticipating that particular part of ‘I’m walking on sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves, the song to which I always wiggle  every morning whether I feel like it or not. And then it comes, the part actually comes, and every part  of my body lets go and  is wiggling in a care-free dervish. Granted, it’s fleeting-it’s there and then it’s gone- but it  makes me feel good, it’s a brilliant moment. If I’m feeling a bit down it shakes me out of it-the movement clears out the cobwebs,  it makes me feel connected to my body and to the positivity that sometimes gets locked in there when we’re stressed or busy, or not paying attention to ourselves (n.b. we need to always pay attention to ourselves).

In that moment (when Katrina is singing ‘I feel a love, I feel alive, I feel a love that’s really real’ I feel it too, and my body and my spirit join into a kind of dorky moment where I’m connected too- to all that life and all that love..and yes, yes, it is, it’s really real…). It all gets  released out into my kitchen with only the pots and pans to clitter-clatter their applause.  It’s not elegant, I’m not Darcey Bussell, but it feels good, it’s just fun, playful and I always have a smile on my face whilst doing it, and it often resonates into the rest of my day.

Now, I’m someone who lives very much in their head, and I’m British to boot, (not known for our ability to let loose). I think a lot, process, mull things over, even ruminate sometimes (god help me) so to escape into a suruptious wiggle is quite liberating.  I highly recommend it. It’s worth a go. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s more about how it makes you feel while you’re doing it.  Try it and see what happens….

With this in mind there’s’s Dance Where You Are Day on the 18th September where all you have to do, whereever you are and whatever your doing is to just start dancing at 12 noon. The details can be got by following this link seriouslythemovie.

It might be a really good opportunity to start your own morning wiggle ritual at 12 noon (who knows) …

N.B Seriouslythemovie is , as they put it ‘ a creative documentary that turns the work ethic on its head and reveals how vital play is to our health, happiness, and the future of life’. You’ll find the taster video for the movie here in one of my posts.

Now, here in England that will make it some ungodly hour (I think) but the idea is a good one: it’s about being spontaneous and alive and wiggly and playful; and, playfulness is always a great conduit for creativity which can never be a bad thing.

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