ArtiPeep Video Channel is Now on Vimeo

18 Sep

Phew! After much fiddling (and worrying) our channel  is now up and running. This is where ArtiPeep and ArtiPeeps will be placing their creative exploits and creations on film. Mine are primarily (it seems to me) at the moment set in my country park musing about my creative and conscious business process.  However, the one I’m posting here is a ‘Creation Point’ one and relates to a previous blog I posted on something the writer Donald Ray Pollock said about honing his writing skills…I’ll say no more…[].

It is my intention that the videos I post on our ArtiPeeps blog will be either/and/or be creativity orientated, which basically means anything that I think you’ll find stimulating or inspiring, or maybe self-developmental in some way….

You can find our videos via accessing our profile on Vimeo via the generic url: or by our slideshow channel url:

Vimeo automatically lets you know when I’ve uploaded a new video as does WordPress. My aim is to create these little videos on a regular basis, fed by our ArtiPeeps sessions and what I’m musing over at the moment. On our other website CreoKardia I’ll post any conscious business videos as I go along.

And failing all of that there’s always the Vimeo image to click in the sidebar that should take you there too…

Hope you find my little Peep featurette  interesting, and do let me know if you give it a go. I’ll do a post once I have decided which story to copy and tell you how I got on….



Our urls= & generically ]

All the very best!

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