25 Sep

From today ArtiPeeps is  introducing a new initiative called Visitor Peep whereby any creative (and by creative we mean anybody that creates) can ‘borrow’ the Visitor Peep page for a month. You can use it as a place to put your poems, writing, art, whatever. You can keep it static or change it regularly and you will be offered the chance to be a guest blogger as well (if you so choose). You’ll find full details on the Visitor Peep page as well as a contact form to get in contact with me in relation to this opportunity; or you can just leave a reply down below.

For the short length of time ArtiPeeps has been up and running we’ve had a fair amount of hits (953 in 3 months) so people are looking!

ArtiPeeps and CreoKardia are all about providing creative spaces and opportunities for creative people, and all people are creative,  so it would be great if you took up this opportunity because this is exactly what we are about! The exact nature of Visitor Peep I’m sure will develop as we go along, and it will be tailored according to the needs of its users.

Please do feel free to take up this opportunity. For those on Twitter, if there’s enough response I’ll probably set up a List so we can all liaise together.

All the very best.



P.S. Apologies if I’m repeating lots of information across the various mediums; it’s difficult to know who is reading what, so I’m playing safe.

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