The Year Ahead For ArtiPeeps

20 Dec

QueenI suppose you can call this the equivalent of my Queen’s speech but without the queen and without the speech. I just wanted to give you all an idea of what the plans for ArtiPeeps are for next year and some of the opportunities that will be on offer and that will be progressively developed.

However, firstly I wanted to say the HUGEST, heartfelt  thank you to all the contributors to  and readers of  ArtiPeeps this year. The regular feature writers, correspondents, the guest bloggers  (and those to come) and for all the kind words, likes , tweets and support you’ve given me and the blog over the months. I cannot say how much this means to me because ArtiPeeps is not only a service and site  for creative opportunities it’s an extension of me and all that I stand for. So it’s all been very affecting. But enough said:  thank you all!  

As the last few months have gone by the intention of ArtiPeeps has very much swung over to notions of collaboration which is now primarily driving its content. There’s going be lots more collaborative opportunities happening next year. The start of Transformations which is an exciting thing and it will be interesting to see how notions of collaboration work through that enterprise. I am very aware that the nature of collaboration is a delicate one, so I will be preparing a form of  a collaborative charter which will outline what we can expect from each other and which will focus around the intentions and principles on which ArtiPeeps stands: care, respect and consideration. I’m grappling with the Facebook Page now (and grappling is very much the word) so that should be set up for next year.

My expectation is that ArtiPeeps will have several other mini-collaborations throughout the year, and hopefully one that will involve music which will be great. And we’ll be kicking off another larger collaboration in the Autumn as well, hopefully.

In terms of features I’m going to be working on putting in place pieces around food, film, philosophy, sculpture, design to give a real breadth of creative content.


In terms of how ArtiPeeps relates to its contributors and users,  I don’t want to just bring people into ArtiPeeps and just leave them there. That’s not the point.  I want to find a means of development for people (if that’s what they want) so there is progression available for everybody. With this in mind next  year I’m going to establish a relationship with a gallery (either online or concrete) that will work together alongside ArtiPeeps (in some way as yet to be established) to offer a further platform of opportunity for artists which I think will be key to the growth of our services. 


Printing Press

Also next year we’re going to be developing a mini publishing service/press that will be run through ArtiPeeps which will offer basic, ratcheted publishing packages to writers. It’s our intention that this will then eventually turn into a full blown promotional service that supports writers, and one of our goals will be to try and attach ourselves to some larger publishing scouts (that’s the notion anyway). We are just at the beginning of this idea (in fact I just had It two days ago) , and will be starting off the little imprint shortly in a different work-in-progress website that will be attached to ArtiPeeps eventually when the press is ready. The idea being that the imprint’s first formal publication will be our modern Transformations narrative epic.  That’s the idea anyway.


I’m also going to be completely re-vamping the Arts Page which has been a bit of an old hotch-potch of things. It’s going to become much more of a dynamic entity, themed and challenging and changing on a monthly basis.  I really want it to be a stimulating interactive space. And equally I’m going to be  really thinking  through what the FabFiction and Poetry Page could be too. There’s a lot that needs to shaped and shifted.

I will also be looking at the mechanics of running some sort of mentoring services through ArtiPeeps for all the disciplines. If there’s anybody who would be interested in mentoring please do get in touch with me. You’d be most welcome! This may well take the early form of online information…we’ll see how this progresses as I lean into it.

I am also always on the look out for ideas for new features and for anybody who would like to write them. Feedback on any of the other services you think ArtiPeeps could develop is 100% welcomed.  It’s my intention to really build ArtiPeeps up into a service that supports a range of creatives through collaborative opportunities and which is directed via its users.

Great ExhibitionFurther ahead I have in mind to put on some form of mult-form (including writers) exhibition either virtual or otherwise , and with all the other services in place by that time,  will act as a vehicle to really launch ArtiPeeps and the talent that drives it into the world.

So that’s it!

ArtiPeeps is fed by you and is for you. It can be whatever we want it to be, and I am leaning in to whatever presents itself as creatively and wholeheartedly as I can.

Once again thank you for all your interest, and if you’re not involved already and would like to be, then please get in touch via the reply box or via @ArtiPeep.

Oh yes, and watch out for our Fabulous Festive Collaborative Blog Post Tomorrow!

All the very best




  • Watch Out For ‘Something For The Weekend/Festive Break’ on Saturday 22nd December with snippets and recommendations for the holiday season
  • ArtiPeep will be having a week off for Christmas but normal services will resume in the new year.
  • First post of the year will be via ArtiPeep and on offer on Monday 7th January 2013
  • ‘Flash Fortnightly’ with Laura Besley ,your helping of Flash Fiction, will be in situ on Wednesday 9th January 2013  
  • ‘Frenzy’s Flash Feature’, Greg Mackie’s fortnightly photo-poem combination will be here on Thursday 10th January 2013
  • Artist Chad Swanson will be our guest blogger on Monday 14th January 2013
  • And Classic Friday with Nisha Moodley, Classic Authors & Fiction reviewed,  will be here on Friday 18th January 2013 

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