Collaborative Charter and Housekeeping

31 Dec

Humility with StrengthBefore the year is out I wanted to to make sure that I put this charter out into the world, particularly as Transformations is coming up and with all the mini-collaborations and expansion we’ll be undertaking this coming year.

I wanted everything to be clear and straight before the year is out. So here it is:



which embodies the following:

  • CARE ArtiPeeps is founded upon care, consideration, communication, opportunity and heart. Therefore every contributor should treat the other collaborators with the respect that they would give to themselves and with the following other guiding principles in mind.
  • COMMUNICATION Once in a collaboration it is the intention of ArtiPeeps that pairings or groups should keep in regular contact with each other, to bring each side of the collaboration into the process (even if the physical act of creating is a solitary one). This is the responsibility of the collaborators involved. This does not need to be in a heavy handed, pervasive way but could be seen as a sign of respect within the collaboration. ArtiPeeps in return will try and find vehicles through which to facilitate this dialogue wherever possible.
  • ALIGNMENT AND INTENTIONS Contributors and collaborators need to be aware of the intentions behind what ArtiPeeps does and act accordingly. Please see the CreoKardia website for full details. ArtiPeeps is not about marketing or selling, or advertising in anyway at the moment unless it completely ties in with its principles as outlined in About CreoKardia or embodied in its principles in About ArtiPeeps. ArtiPeeps is a vehicle for expression. Any associations that  might come up within blogs or collaborations need to be passed through ArtiPeep first. In return for this alignment ArtiPeeps will always consult with contributors before any significant associations or alignments are made with like minded organisations.
  • OPEN LINES AND FEEDBACK As a Collaborator and or a Contributor to ArtiPeeps what you think and feel matters to us, so  feedback and open lines of communication are always welcomed on any level. Please feel free to communicate with honesty. ArtiPeeps is about openness and in response for yours ArtiPeeps will do its best to respond to user need similarly and to be as transparent as possible with its intent.


That’s it at the moment! It’s small but perfectly formed and  embodies huge principles and that’s what matters. 

I’m going to place a copy of this under the ArtiPeeps Tab in the site menu so it’s there as a reminder to us all, and you’ll also find it on the Transformations page.  As time goes by and things shape and shift I’m sure the charter will extend and grow accordingly, and if you think there is something else that needs to go in there do let me know.

Housekeeping….I don’t know whether it’s really been made explicit in ArtiPeeps but ArtiPeeps  is part of a more overarching concept that I have and just one part of a conscious business I would eventually like to run with ArtiPeeps under its wing: CreoKardia (a business which blends creativity with aspects of well being).  I have been writing a blog there for as long as ArtiPeeps has been fully in the world which charts my feelings about what is involved in trying to create something that matters.  

 Creativity 4 CreoKardia’s origins are profoundly rooted in a mixture of creativity and self-development (primarily because of my personal history and practice). The well-being aspect of this enterprise is not so overt in ArtiPeeps at the moment, and my thinking now is that that needs to alter a bit so that ArtiPeeps can embody and communicate more of CreoKardia’s intention of care so it can truly support the people within it.

The path of a creative person is a hard and twisty one. Good but twisty, and to be supportive of this is vital I feel to our development as a wholehearted organisation. I also have a lot of personal experience due to my journey that might be of use and  could be passed on via ArtiPeeps (in a small way…). This would not only be a pleasure and an honor but would be a means for me to give back and pass on my experience of self-care within a creative life.  So you can now expect that my creative blogs will also be sprinkled with a smattering of ArtiPeep wisdom. Nothing too in your face, but there just a little bit more. 

It feels very much like ArtiPeeps’ intention and roots are grounding and embedding firmly now. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but we now have a fabulous, firm and ever-evolving  following that is supporting, grounding and feeding all of ArtiPeeps’ enterprises and for that I’m extremely and profoundly grateful. 

Thanks once again for all your support of ArtiPeeps and myself.  I  truly wish you all a happy new year and may 2013 be a good one for us and our loved ones! 

Go gently!


All the very best!

ArtiPeep Signature 2


P.S. I’ve changed the menu tabs on the website to incorporate sub-menus. This will free us up for some new pages in the new year. If you feel this doesn’t work as well do let me know via the reply box or @ArtiPeep

One Response to “Collaborative Charter and Housekeeping”

  1. orwell531 December 31, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    This is a well thought through plan, it is brave and honest and full of courage. I look forward to more of ArtiPeep in the coming year! Happy NEW YEAR 2013!!!

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