Lili Morgan: Emerging Neon Abstract Artist Journal #2

30 Jan




From ArtiPeeps’ perspective Lili’s launch couldn’t have gone better. We had lots of support (for which we’re extremely grateful) and equally lots of responses to Lili’s work which Lili touches on in her post. The responses were both good and challenging; exactly what we wanted (and anyway isn’t that what art always does elicit a mixed response?)! We feel that this response is a firm, realistic bedrock on which to build.

This week has all been about establishing a good line of communication between Lili, James and myself and letting Lili settle in. One exciting thing that has come out of the launch is that some of our contributing poets are writing some poetry inspired by Lili’s work. How fabulous and spontaneous is that? You can expect a little feature showcasing them shortly. And there’s always room for more should any other poet feel inspired to contribute. Do get in contact.

Next week we’re hoping to really work with Lili to see how she wants to develop her art.

Without further ado, here’s Lili’s Journal

Tuesday 29/01/2013

‘Well the pictures are now up and I have had mostly positive feedback for my art. There was one, which was very negative as well. Although I would be lying if I didn’t say that it stung a little, it’s not really upset me too much. Well certainly not enough to justify a glass of wine!. I knew from the start that my art would be something you either get, or you don’t. If someone doesn’t, and still finds the time to write to me to tell me that they don’t, then that tells me that my art has provoked them enough to express how they feel. For me that is what art is about. It is out there for others to have their opinion, and whether that opinion is negative or positive, is completely in the eyes of the beholder.

For me personally, I want to have my own style, something unique to me, with some randomness. I want it to sometimes be visibly challenging to the eye, without symmetry. I want it to be a bit provoking. For myself that is what holds my attention. If there were not that element about it, then I would probably get bored quite easily and not enjoy it. That randomness reflects a part of who I am, and it allows me express that part of myself in a whole way, without constraints. Sometimes, I like disorder and going against the grain! (Ohh get me the little rebel! ;)) However, I do realise that not everyone is going to like that, or get it.

I have emailed my mentor James with some questions that I have. There are still things that I don’t really know how to go about achieving, so it is great that I can put my queries to him as well. I have my eye on an SLR camera that James has advised for me to purchase. It would have been great to have had one to take the pictures of in the first place. Atomic number 10 especially isn’t defined as much in the pictures as it is on the wall on the canvas, due to my camera. So James’ advice was spot on!

In my journal next week, I will explain in more depth about my motivation for my pictures and the reason for their titles. I will also post some more of my pictures that I have already done. I have also had some thoughts for my future pictures and the direction that I would like to go. So I will be posting more of these soon. I am really excited about this and the feedback that I have had so far has helped a lot.

One thing is for sure though, some randomness is definitely staying!…’


A few of Lili’s questions answered by her Mentor James Mackenzie.

1. I have my eye on an SLR camera which is 16mp. Is it the mp that is the most important thing?

 Right……..lens quality is more important than MP. I would go for either a Nicon or Cannon…..Nicon better value for money and excellent quality and the same features. All depends on how much you are prepared to pay really.

 2. What printer and paper is best to use for making prints of my work?

I use a printing company to make professional prints of my work, museum quality and each part of limited editions. They charge £12 per print and you can sell them for up to £50 depending on how much the ‘original’ work is priced at.  

 3. Is it better to have a blog or a website for a portfolio?

 I would create a website to show your work once you have taken high quality photos. There are lots of free or low price web site building program’s where you can build one yourself. 

  Next week Lili are hoping to review her work thus far and see where she thinks her areas of development might be. 

Here are all of Lili’s pictures in one slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watch out for Lili’s next journal entry next week

If you missed Lili’s debut post you can find it here:

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