Poems For Lili

5 Feb
Revolution Green

Revolution Green

As I’m sure you know by now Lili Morgan is our Visitor Peep at the moment, our emerging artist in residence. It gives me pleasure to say that her work has inspired some of ArtiPeeps’ great poet-collaborators to put pen to paper. Here, below are the fruits of Kate Garrett’sGreg Mackie’s and Rebecca Audra Smith’s labours. We hope you (and Lili) enjoy them.

N.B. There will be another two great poems by another two great poets being posted out along with Lili’s journal this Thursday. 




             arrives, marching spider babies

 across dust motes trembling

             between four walls

 in a windowless room.


you watch it all through

             a trapdoor in the ceiling,


             splashed across a floor

 carpeted with purple pine needles


             by candlelight.


© Kate Garrett 2013

Inspired by the painting Revolution Green by Lili Morgan.



by Greg Mackie

In another time,
In another life,
My heart was a canvas,
Devoid of your light.
My days were as dark,
As a thousand dreamless nights,
Until you painted my soul,
A pure neon bright.

I was saved by your kiss,
And your catalyst kicks,
Your love spun my world.
Into kinetic bliss.
You transformed this land,
And you coloured my nights,
With one touch of your hand,
And a splash of neon bright.

From the atoms of chaos,
To the shine of the sun,
The paradigms have lost,
And the revolution has won.
Like energy in flight,
Like dynamite, I might,
Explode into light,
When you smile, neon bright.



by Rebecca Audra Smith


Pluck long grasses and string them

thumb to thumb, so that the world is broken.

Two green seedlings that you place to your lips

and blow, a peacock screech shakes the daisy’s pink heads.

Then shut your eyes and massage them in the

pockets of your skull, till all you see is green

dimpling and blushing in slow fireworks,

as your fingers rotate against your lids’ soft bugle.

When your sight clears you’ll see

an emerald city and the strewn bodies

of a revolution in trees, branches broken, apples-

a deep lime shade that tastes sharp.

It unfurls on your tongue like a flag.


See more of the great Kate, Greg and Rebecca here:

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http:// kategarrett.jux.com


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If you want to be our next Visitor Peep (from any discipline) and ‘borrow’ our page for a month do get in contact. You’ll find details of this initiative HERE.

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