Lili Morgan: Emerging Neon Abstract Artist: Journal #3

7 Feb


Well another week has gone by of our Visitor Peep month and this is our 3rd week with Lili. (You can read all about our initiative here).  As Lili says the month is coming to its close quickly. This week has been a week of poetry and connection really; I’ll let Lili explain….

Friday 1st February 2013

“Well another week has flown by and I have been lucky enough to have 3 poets writing poetry inspired by my art and more to come on Thursday. You can not imagine how touched I am by them all, and how they have all in turn also inspired me for my journey as an emerging artist. They have all definitely totally lifted my slightly sagging mood and I cannot thank them enough for that.

Sometimes I think I have so much to do to get where I would really like to be, and I become a little impatient. I know things should not be rushed and a steady even pace will be better in the long run. I have asked James (my mentor) some questions and his answers have been very helpful. I must remember, small steps…

I have been looking at my pictures so far and I have been thinking about the inspiration for these pieces. ‘The Trip’ was going to be called ‘Bitch Fit’ as I became incredibly frustrated with the paint as it was very runny, and in my moment of annoyance I purposely spilt the paint on the canvas. I named it ‘The Trip’ in the end as it seems quite  psychedelic and out there. ‘Revolution Green‘ started off with the under layer which I found quite boring. I decided I wanted the green to take over the painting and dominate the piece. I chose the name as the word ‘Revolution’ was perfect to describe the overpowering of the green. ‘Atomic number 10‘ was painted from one side of the canvas on purpose. I wanted the lines to reach out like an explosion. Atomic number 10 is actually the chemical name for neon (also Ne). I thought the double sidedness of the title was perfect for this piece. On a similar vibe ‘Galaxy 14‘ is the name of a satellite. I chose the name because the painting reminded me of looking down on earth from the sky. In my future paintings I will be choosing similar titles. I like to play with words. It gives another layer to the art, as well as a clue of my personal interpretation.

I have an idea for my next picture which will include both normal acrylics, as well as my neon paints. I will post it once it is finished, on here next week. I have a good idea of the direction of style in which my paintings will be going. The neon will definitely be staying in every picture, but it may not so dominant in all of them…Just most of them!!…

Now come on neons you need to play it fair and give the other acrylics a bit of a chance! ;-)”

You can find my other two journal entries here: & 2


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Q & A  With James Mackenzie (Lili’s Mentor):

Lili’s Questions

Here are more questions for you.

When I buy a new camera, should I get a tripod too?> What is the best way to approach a gallery? > How would a gallery go about displaying my art? > What is the usual commission that a gallery will take? > What is the best way to approach an agent? > Who is the best agent to approach? > Do you think I may be eligible for funding? Or would I need to wait for that? I would like funding to be able to rent studio space.

James’  Answers

I have never used a tripod but I recommend taking many photos of each composition with some indoor with flash, some in natural light outside or inside without flash. Your paintings obviously need a different approach to most with the new technique you are experimenting with. > As for approaching galleries, you can build up a collection of photographs of your work and put it in a portfolio and take it with you when you approach a gallery as an example of your work. Another way is to email many galleries with samples of your work attached. You can also have some artist business cards printed to take with you if you are planning to visit galleries personally. >The commission galleries take varies a great deal… should expect to receive around 60% for an original painting so mark up your price and don’t under sell yourself. > As for funding and agents, I would promote yourself and keep approaching galleries and also begin to create a website. All the small things add up. If you tick all the right boxes, enter exhibitions, have work in various galleries then approach agents to work for you…..everyone wants a cut so my advice is to do as much as you can yourself to start with and at a limited cost.

The Shining

The Shining


Two more Poems For Lili by two more great poets Nat Hall  &  Anil Godigamuwe


Direct response to three selected works from Lili Morgan:

Atomic 10, The Shining & Revolution Green


Atomic 10

Flick of your brush

on black background,

molecules of your imagination,

I see embers, sparks inside night,

as gales blow away signs of light –

the very core of man-child’s hearts

before fire, as Norsemen throw torches

to hell in hope to see again their sun.

Or is it spring,

star sedge in inverted colours?

Ten thousand seeds

set free to skid across canvas,

hordes of mayflies above rivers scorched

to imitate fireworks?

Look again now.

No heart of glass could paint this way:

atomic 10 owns unique scale

to the power of illusions;

microcosmic world

in your hands,







———— 29 January 2013


The Shining

Define your star.

Globe of matter blacker than hell,

as rouge prevails,

unfolds around distinctive squares;

diluted light,

miracle sun implores Imbolc

to wake from ice,

shine without shame

through hail & rain horizontal.

You imagine earth crust’s flowers

finding their way through permafrost,

as memories gripped inside hues,

ces rêves oranges* of past summers,

flaming sunsets right on the edge of a circle defined by men

to separate yellow from red.

Whatever you say about stars,

it is shining,


in your eyes.

Note: * orange dreams

—————————— 30 Jan 2013


Revolution Green



We see seaweeds,

globular green from the shallows,

where the known world meets with strange tides –

tales, new epics filtered through sand,

symphonic salt.

New dynamics,

Le monde en marche*,

A thousand feet on a sandbridge

in search of love,



And when you think

you strike a deal,

surf turns acidic in your thoughts –

follow clear revolution green,

take off your shoes,

brave new


Note: * new marching world

© Nat Hall 2013



by Anil Godigamuwe


Take my hand,” I said.

A hand offered,

Offering to stroke gemstones

Into souls with a touch.

A touch that colours and

Ignites a sparking soul.

Sparks that flare

And let me stare

As supernovae set sunrises

In our vision,

Bursting horizons,

Bursting with opportunity

Born of galaxies.

Galaxies born in

The splash of a heartbeat

Or the pulse of a raindrop

On a still still plane

Complex and imaginary;

Imagined complexity

Wrapped in the fractal of an iris

Which lets you stare back.

If you take my hand too,” you said.


See more of the great Nat and Anil here:


Nat Hall:

Anil Godigamuwe


In case you missed the ‘Poems for Lili’ post on Tuesday, you can see some more Lili inspired poetry HERE

Also if you would like to be our next Visitor Peep, or know of a creative who might value ‘borrowing’ one of our pages for a month DO get in contact. Either via the reply box or Twitter @Artipeep

You’d be most welcome!

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