ArtiPeeps February Housekeeping Update

12 Feb

HousekeepingThis is just a little February ArtiPeeps Housekeeping post to let you know formerly that now ArtiPeeps has two other team members who act in both advisory capacities to me and in mentor/support capacities to those who are involved with ArtiPeeps. We are now happily a little team of 3!

Tiffany Coffman has taken on the roles of Creative Consultant (Poetry) and Mentor for Poetry and will also work with me on the shaping of our press that will be functioning at some point later this year/early next year. Tiffany will also be taking on a feature spot shortly.

James Mackenzie has taken on the roles of Creative Consultant (Art) and Mentor for Art and will continue to be our English Arts Correspondent. So we can look forward to another arty post from him at some point!

Tiffany and James will be involved in the development of ArtiPeeps’ projects in relation to their specialities and their advice will feed into these ventures and into our funding applications when I apply. As Mentors they will be supporting any Visitor Peeps that pass through our doors and will, if appropriate, take on any one-to-one mentoring. It could well be the case that we’ll need some more mentors at some stage so do get in touch if this appeals to you via the reply box or Twitter: @ArtiPeep.

The growth of ArtiPeeps into a little mini-team is part of my ongoing intent to professionalise us in preparation for funding bids. Also fairly shortly I am going to have to think about getting Governing Documents for us and really think through what sort of online organisation ArtiPeeps needs to be: a charity, a trust, a business. This is very much a work in progress at the moment and I am presently pursing advice on all of this. If we apply to the National Lottery, for instance, there are more grants available if we have governing documents. It is my intention to tackle all of these areas over the coming months, and I am also considering the possibilities of crowd-funding. My issue at the moment  is balancing the maintenance, development and administration of ArtiPeeps with my need to work on its future and what will hopefully provide me and some others in the not to distant future with some sort of financial security. And I want to be able to provide the services that I see in my head which I know can be realised. ArtiPeeps is also how I serve, so there are both personal and professional reason for going up a gear. Tiffany and James are part of this movement forward and it’s been great to share all of this formerly on all levels. I will also at some point be looking for a Creative Consultant (Prose). So watch this space. I will be changing the ArtiPeeps page shortly to accommodate these team changes.

I’m in negotiations at the moment to find us some patrons. These will spread across literature and well-being and once these are confirmed I’ll announce everything publicly. The patrons will serve to formerly and officially underpin what ArtiPeeps stands for and will give us further official standing.

 Oh yes, if I can have the courage (I keep putting it off) I may well change the theme shortly.

Well, that I think rounds it up and gives you some idea of all the moves and shakes within ArtiPeeps at the moment.

Once again, I really thank you for your support of ArtiPeeps and all its contributors. Your consistent interest means a lot to us as we evolve. 

All the very best.


aka ArtiPeep

6 Responses to “ArtiPeeps February Housekeeping Update”

  1. Gunilla Gerring February 12, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    It grows and it grows! I’m so impressed by your drive and energy! Wish you all possible luck with ArtiPeep. I always read it even if I don’t comment it vry often!

    • ArtiPeep February 13, 2013 at 9:57 am #

      I know that you always keep an eye on what we’re doing. I value that enormously. We are growing and to have a little team now feels great. I’m lucky. Hope you’re both well.


  2. laurabesley February 13, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    Great news about the ‘team of three’!!! 🙂

  3. frenzyofflies February 13, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    A wonderfully warm and terrifically talented team! Excellent news for the Artipeeps project! 🙂

  4. Jerome Kiel February 14, 2013 at 8:10 am #

    I must admit that I don’t know too much about your site, having stumbled on it because of its connections with writing, about which I’m passionate. So, that might be something you could make easier to see or understand, in terms of bullet points; if I’m wrong, blame my having to scan through emails all to quickly for my own good.
    However, there are a few ‘names’ which could be seduced into ‘sponsoring’ or supporting this venture. Way back, I attended a writers’ workshop with that Bansley barnpot, Ian McMillan in charge. It was great, it was fun and poetry, for me, was transformed from the dull, monotone, droning voices of old, dusty poets of the past, to the enjoyable fun time it became; of course, I do write serious stuff, too, but Ian’s attack uplifted everyone.
    Then, there’s Andrew Motion who was poet laureate and has and does support poetic efforts. The Poetry Society runs the Poetry Cafe in London, but there are many lit fests around, including Ilkley, which might be interested, too. Patchings near Nottingham is a great place for artists – and visitors, so they may be mutually beneficial to know.
    I understand how the early stages are, but once you’ve decided on a particular direction, I’m sure there are lots of writers and artists out there who would jump on the opportunity of supporting this site.

    • ArtiPeep February 14, 2013 at 11:25 am #


      Thanks once again for another really thoughtful response and for your suggestions. Once again, you’ve made me think long and hard, and in so doing I’ve gained some clarity. ArtiPeeps isn’t primarily a writing site I think. Well, in fact, I know it isn’t. It’s focus is on all types of creativity collaborating; and, in the long term too, a focus on well-being through creativity (the two are often connected I feel). Writing and art, I know, are foregrounded at the moment and it’s what a lot of our features are about, but it isn’t what fuels our engine and our intent. Don’t get me wrong the writing aspect of ArtiPeeps is incredibly important but we are also spotlighting cartoonists and musicians etc. as well. It’s our aim that everybody is welcome and can collaborate. Also slowly the well-being side of us is coming out; we are just in the process of setting up our first mini-collaboration with a mental health angle to it (an issue that a lot of creatives have). This is due out in May.

      I think it’s a brilliant idea to think about approaching some writers who might be interested in what we’re doing. Indeed, one of the possible patron’s I’m going to approach is a writer. There are lots of avenues to explore which I’m presently doing. These are exciting times for ArtiPeeps and I’m baby-stepping my way through.

      Thanks so much for your input and support. Do keep coming back!

      All the very best.

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