Lili Morgan, Emerging, Abstract Neon Artist Journal #4

13 Feb


Well, officially this is Lili’s last week with us at ArtiPeeps but in real terms you are going to be able to watch Lili’s progress on a regular basis as she will be taking up a fortnightly blog spot with us starting Thursday 21st March. We’ll be able to continue to watch Lili grow as an artist. We will also, of course, provide her with any mentoring support as and when she feels she needs it.

 Lili has been our first artist Visitor-Peep/artist in residence. James & I have learned a lot from our relationship with her with regard to the support a Visitor Peep needs. Things we can improve on and things of which we can be proud. All of what we have learned from this experience will feed into our next visitor peep venture.

 I’d also like to thank and mention all the poets and contributors to ArtiPeeps who have welcomed Lili into the fold with such gusto; and for ALL the people who have taken the time to write their responses to Lili’s work. I’ve appreciated the candour and the warmth in equal measure.

 Finally, I’d like to thank Lili for her lightness of touch in all our negotiations, her enthusiasm and her openness and for allowing ArtiPeeps to debut her work. From a personal standpoint it’s been a delight working with Lili and I’m thrilled to be maintaining the connection so we can watch Lili grow. Roll on the Revolution Green!

If you would like to take up this opportunity (from any discipline) please do get in contact with us via the reply box or via @ArtiPeep. We’d love to have you. For more details in relation to our Visitor Peep Initiative please see HERE.

Monday 11th February 2013

‘Another week has flown by and it is now my last week as a Visitor Peep. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my journals and showing my pictures. The support I have received has been amazing. Nicky at Artipeeps has been a constant support and has worked incredibly hard to make it possible for me. Her kindness is very much appreciated. Also, my mentor, James has been great in his replies to all my questions. This has been most helpful for me to help me decide how I need to move forward.

I have also had feedback, both negative and mostly positive. It was lovely for people to take the time to write to me to let me know what they thought. It was all very helpful, even the negative response, which reminded me that not everyone is going to like what I do, and that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I was totally over-whelmed with the poetry that was written inspired by my pictures. I cannot thank the 5 poets that took their time to put pen to paper enough. Their poetry couldn’t have come at a better time for me. They have inspired me to carry on doing what I love! So thank you all.

I will be posting one new picture today and some more pictures during the week. I am experimenting with normal acrylics mixed with the neon paint, and will post them on here (I am not too sure if this will be something that I will be doing in the future. I am pretty much on the fence at the moment). It would be good to have some feedback when I do post them to help me decide if the neons will win their fight to take control again!

For now I am going to keep painting. My next step will be an SLR camera and then a website to start my portfolio. I will definitely be keeping in touch on here, on a regular basis, with updates of my progress.

Thank you for taking the time to view my journal entries and pictures. Also thank you for all of the feedback, poetry and support. Overall, it has been the most wonderful, and memorable experience for Me and my lovely vibrant neons!’

Lili X

Here’s a taster of some of my new work. 

Twisted Heart

Twisted Heart

Here’s a word from Lili’s Mentor James Mackenzie:

It has been an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to be Lili’s mentor. She has worked so hard and come up with some very innovative new concepts and approaches to producing artwork. I have enjoyed reading her blog and nurturing her along the way with any help or guidance she needed; and, I hope I managed to answer most of her questions. This is the start of great things to come for Lili I am sure. I wish her all the success and recognition she deserves and I look forward to not only her future exhibitions but also reading her blog and supporting and advising her further as she progresses. 

All the very best, Lili, from all those at ArtiPeeps.

Good to have you with us! 

NB. If you missed out on Lili’s last three journal entries you can find them HERE; or check out her previous post via the Categories box on the Sidebar under: Visitor Peep.

And Check out the Lili Inspired  poetry here & here

Featuring the poetry of:

Kate Garrett, Greg Mackie, Becca Smith, Nat Hall & Anil Godigamuwe


One Response to “Lili Morgan, Emerging, Abstract Neon Artist Journal #4”

  1. frenzyofflies February 13, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    Lili, it was a great pleasure to meet both you AND your work 🙂 To echo Jame’s remarks, you indeed deserve the very best of success, and I’ll look forward to keeping up with your journey on your blog 🙂

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