Flash Fortnightly #9

6 Mar

Words 2

Welcome to Flash Fortnightly! 

Laura BesleyMy name is Laura Besley and I’m an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Over the years I’ve met thousands of students of all ages from many different countries in the world. This job really suits me as I love meeting people and learning about different languages and cultures. After working in England for a couple of years, I moved to Düsseldorf, Germany, where I taught Business English for two years and now I’m living in Hong Kong. This small pocket of Asia is a perfect blend of East meets West and is rich in colour, noise and inspiration.

That brings me nicely onto writing. I’ve been writing on and off since childhood and did my degree in English Literature and Film Studies. When I was in Germany I started writing a bit more regularly and in Hong Kong I’ve really had the time to dedicate to my writing. In 2011 I joined the Hong Kong Writers Circle and a critique group which allowed me to start looking at my work with a more critical eye. On 4th May 2012 I embarked on a project to write one piece of flash fiction a day. I’ve always seen myself as a novelist, but actually I’ve found that I really love writing short pieces as it gives you plenty of room to experiment with style, voice, characters and settings. And each day I can write something new.

I hope you enjoy this ‘Flash Fortnightly’ entry and I’ll be back on Wednesday 20th March 2013 with some more…


Spag Bol

But it’s just going to be really awkward,’ she said finely chopping an onion with a long, sharp knife.

I know,’ he replied pouring two glasses of red wine.

She scraped the onion into the pan. It started sizzling gently in the extra virgin olive oil.

He took a sip of wine and put the other glass next to her chopping board. ‘But we can’t not have them round.’

With a stainless steel implement she crushed three cloves of garlic. ‘I know. But what are we going to talk about?’ She stirred the garlic into the onions with a wooden spoon.

Dianne. Come on. I’m sure you’ll find something to say.’ He pulled open the oven and slipped in two bake-your-own French sticks.

What does that mean?’

Andrew found it hard to take Dianne seriously in her Daffy duck apron. ‘It just means, darling, that I’m sure you ladies will find something in common.’

Don’t leave me alone with her.’ In the fridge was a pack containing 500 grams of minced beef, deep red, which she added to the browning onions and garlic. ‘I don’t want you and Tom clearing off to the study or the garage.’ She looked at him over the rim of her purple glasses. ‘I mean it Andrew.’

Okay, okay, I’ve had my orders.’ He emptied two large packs of mixed green leaves into the salad bowl.

The meat had browned and Dianne added two tins of peeled, chopped tomatoes. She sprinkled on some salt, pepper, oregano and mixed herbs. Using the wooden spoon she mixed it all together. The glass lid went onto the pan. ‘That can all simmer until Tom and what’s-her-face-’


-get here.’

Andrew laughed and embraced his wife. He kissed her on her forehead, the tip of her nose and then on her mouth. ‘It’ll be fine.’

I just can’t believe he’s found someone else so soon.’

You’re only saying that because Liz was your best friend. It’s been long enough.’ He put his arm around her and steered her towards the living room. ‘But he’s our friend too and we need to support him. Dianne?’

Yes, yes, I’ll be nice,’ she mumbled.

The doorbell rang.

They’re early,’ Dianne said.

It’s not a crime,’ Andrew said. ‘Anyway, the dinner’s on. No need to panic.’

Andrew opened the front door. ‘Hi,’ they said in unison, smiles plastered to their faces. ‘How lovely to see you both.’

Laura Besley

If you’d like to check out more of my writing, flash fiction and non-fiction, check out my  blog: Living Loving and Writing. Or you can follow me on twitter @laurabesley or connect on facebook Laura Besley Writer

3 Responses to “Flash Fortnightly #9”

  1. ganymeder March 8, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    I liked all the little details about the cooking, made the dialogue seem more genuine somehow. I could visualize this really well. Nicely done.

  2. jackkholt March 8, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Lovely little peek behind-closed-doors. The dialgoue felt natural to me, too.

  3. Dorothy March 12, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    I can imagine the dialogue going on between Tom and Samantha as they made their way to Andrew and Dianne’s …

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