‘Chaos A Raw and Undivided Mass’ Mass 4/4 : Transformations Poems (Book 1)

27 Mar


George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Final 2 Poems Inspired by Book 1 


James Knight and Greg Mackie



by James Knight

> (bio)
> I
> I do
> I bid
> I bide
> I sob
> id
> so
> bed
> bed
> is…?
> I
> die
> so…


by Greg Mackie


The time, before time,

Was light and dark and floating,

Cold and warm and soft,

Hard and loud and without sound.


There was no “I”.

There was no “You”.


No separation,

No concept of separation,

Until my eyes learned to focus,

And when I saw that I was not you,

The world divided itself into opposites, and you gave them names.


Hard, cold.

My foot on a surface that is not me.


Soft, warm.

My hand touching skin that is not mine.


Light, dark.

A smile, and then an absence of smiles.


The Golden Age was a hunger,

That never weakened my mind,

A thirst that never burned my throat.


Honey, milk, fruits.

I did nothing, and I wanted for nothing.


The Silver Age was a desire for knowledge.

It enslaved and separated me from you.


I learned of the seasons and I gave them names.

Thus the rivers flooded, and ran dry, and froze,

And the land became rocky and icy and hot.


I ploughed and grew thirsty in the heat.


The Bronze Age saw my first crime against my brother,

We became separate.

I named him “Enemy”.


And in  the Iron Age, I wandered,

Lost in a dark,

That was so much more,

Than just an absence of you.


I stole.

I killed.

I raped.


I walked on beaches of death-black sand, and I walked through villages of red.


In the time after time,

I became separate from you,

And from the others,

And from myself.


I named myself “Evil”.


 * =One of the poems to be included in our Transformations’ Exhibition/Poetry reading September 2014, Hanse House, King’s Lynn, Norfolk


To find out more about James’ and Greg’s work:

James Knight:




Greg Mackie:




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