‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #2 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)

4 Apr

Revolution Green

A month or so has gone by  since Lili left her Visitor Peep/Artist In Residence position, and now she has returned for her regular fortnightly blog-spot. Lili will be taking us alongside with her on her painterly journey and the development of her work with ‘neons’. While Lili’s with us we’ll also be setting her up with a mini- collaboration and Lili will have access to mentoring if needed. It’s also worth mentioning that we are presently pulling together our next Visitor Peep project. Watch this space! 

Without further ado…here’s Lili:


Thurs 4th April

Where on earth does the time go? It only seems like yesterday when I made my last journal entry. I was feeling pretty sombre then. But now the British days are getting a bit lighter I am back to my sunny self! (Us Brits really are obsessed by the weather).

I have had a few developments with my art work, but it is a case of waiting for A until I can move onto B etc etc. Unfortunately I cannot reveal what they are as of yet. (Top secret alert!) However, I can tell you that there is a twist to my art work. It isn’t quite what it first seems.  I am really hoping that I will be able to share it with you very soon. It is a little frustrating not being able to say, but all will be revealed in due course!  Sorry but that is all I can really say about it at the moment. 

For now my next focus will be doing more painting and setting up my portfolio. I can’t wait to do my portfolio. It will be the next step on the ladder for me. It seems like it is taking forever to progress, but I need to make sure I am happy with everything. I know that I won’t be happy if I rush things just to get my thing out there. Patience is a virtue! 

I have included 3 of my pictures to share with you this week. I thought I would have a “brighter” attitude this time, so I think they match the theme!…They sure are bright!

I am going to include more pictures in my next journal, and I really hope that I will be able to let on a little bit more about what is going on. I actually can’t wait to reveal all! Exciting times! So anyway, on that slightly teasing note I will bid you “Goodbye” for another 2 weeks.

Take care,

Love Lili x


Pink Rock , Lili Morgan

Pink Rock , Lili Morgan


Lime Light by Lili Morgan

Lime Light ,  Lili Morgan


Dance With Me, Lili Morgan

Dance With Me, Lili Morgan


 If you want to see more of Lili’s work you can find it under the Visitor Peep Tab on our Menu above.

Or follow her: https://twitter.com/LiliMorganArt

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