‘Poetry, Verse and Other Writing from a Late Starter’

15 Apr



I’m Carol Robson and I live in Rotherham in South Yorkshire. I accepted place at the University of Sheffield when I was 53 and after I graduated in 2004 with a BMedSci (Hons) in Health and Human Sciences, after which my life changed for the better.

 I have previously been involved with Equality and Diversity work to help the LGBT community and I also enjoy working on issues for older people especially the older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community through my involvement with Age UK.

 I really hadn’t done much writing, apart from my time at University and especially poetry before 2009, hence writings from a late starter. I had penned a couple of poems several years earlier and a performance poet friend encouraged me to write some new stuff which might have relevance to my life and try out at an open mic event which went very well and I’ve since appeared at many more. It is great to hear that people love my poetry and my life has been enhanced by the many friends I have made through the performance poet side of my life.

 I published my first collection of poems Words of Darkness and Light towards the end of 2012; Amazon http://tinyurl.com/93j4khd I’ve also been published in several anthologies and literary journals, which include Route57 University of Sheffield Literary Journal and the Australian LGBT literary journal Polari Online.

My poetry is very eclectic and it covers a wide range of subjects which includes poems about Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Gender, Yorkshire, LGBT, Social Comment, Humour and Demons. Apart from my involvement with the Transformations project, I’m also involved with Hidden Perspectives (Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet) project: http://hiddenperspectivesfest.wordpress.com/about/

 I’m looking at the biblical narratives on homosexuality and homophobia and writing contemporary poetry for a set ‘Gay Biblical Whispers’ which I’ll be performing at the Hidden Perspectives event at the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield on June 1st.

 My blog http://www.chakracaz.wordpress.com



I came, I went, I’m here again

Not the same, different, but still me

Was happy, but sad

Looking for answers, afraid to ask

Alas! hidden behind the mask


Moving in a life with those I love

Yet! no real friends, fear behind the mask

Acquaintances only, which is so sad

A partner and children I so dearly love

Yet! still hidden behind the mask


Years fall away

The hiding stays

Fear of exposure

Hurting those I love

Who is really hurting

Behind the mask


Angel of death beckoned

It was so real

Not like me

Still living a lie

Near death behind the mask


Guardian angel came and I clawed back

It was the time for the mask to fade

Gradually it falls away

However, the hurt and the pain stay

For those who mean so much to me


No longer a need to hide

Truly loved ones are by my side

The real me is flourishing now

The actor is no longer needed

No more mask


Here is the real me

Family, friends and soul mates

So dear to me

Their love for me, just being me

I came, I went, I am finally here.


© 2011 Carol Robson


One Response to “‘Poetry, Verse and Other Writing from a Late Starter’”

  1. Carol Robson April 15, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Thanks Nicky 🙂


      Carol Robson BMedSci(Hons) http://chakracaz.wordpress.com/ Poetry, verse and other writing from a late starter Tel: 07932 875470 https://twitter.com/Chakracaz


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