Weekend Showcase: Rod Kok (Poet)

19 Apr


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Rod Kok



by Rod Kok


Mistakes. Part of life,

says this foolish man

who has made plenty.


Aye, my cup is full

with remnants of memories.

Rash decisions that seemed

good at the time.


That very cup used to hold

a heart, beating wildly

with thoughts of a future

planned to perfection.


(was this the mistake?)

Listening to rules,

feeling guilty about being

so unsure…doubting everything.


Doubt lingers, the cup

spills over with present,

past and future.


Mistakes of the past

often turn into

blessings for the future.


Erroneous choices don’t define

who I turned out to be.


Doubt gets redefined

to wondering

(what if?)


Mistakes I have made,

and will make again.

But I’ve learned to drink

from the cup

so it doesn’t




Author Bio

Rod E. Kok is a Canadian author, currently exiting the last grasp of a 7-month long winter. He has been published in The Rusty Nail, as well as sharing his work on his own website (http://fifafan.ca) and others. He is desperately hoping that if summer arrives this year, it will spur on a new season of creativity.



Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be welcomed!


One Response to “Weekend Showcase: Rod Kok (Poet)”

  1. shanesbookblog April 19, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    Incredible poem! Thanks for sharing this!!!

    I always get excited when I see a new email in my inbox saying you have published a new post haha!

    It always brightens up my dark dreary day’s.


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