‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #4 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)

2 May

Revolution Green

Several months have gone by  since Lili left her Visitor Peep/Artist In Residence position, and now she has returned for her regular fortnightly blog-spot. Lili will be taking us along with her on her painterly journey and the development of her work with ‘neons’. While Lili’s with us we’ll also be setting her up with a mini- collaboration and Lili will have access to mentoring if needed.

It’s also worth mentioning that we now HAVE pulled together our next visitor peep project and it’s called ‘Interactions and Intersections’ created by artist Kelly Occhiuzzo who, working alongside 3 other artists over the next month, will be collectively create 4 new collaborative artworks.  All will be revealed on Monday!


Without further ado…here’s Lili:


Wednesday 1st May

“Well it’s that time again and it looks like things are going to start moving for me at a less tortoise pace very soon!

Firstly I am going to finally be able to purchase a lovely SLR camera in the next week or two. This is really important for me because it means that I will be able to start to build a portfolio of my pictures. Once I have done that, then I can start approaching various people with my art. It also means that I can get some prints done as well! 

Another great thing about having my portfolio done,  is that I will be able to finally reveal the little twist to my art! At last, the real essence of my work will be out there! So I think that it will probably be about a month’s time! I simply can’t wait!

I also have some more good news. I have someone interested in looking into producing my prints on quite a large scale, which is mega fabulous! They have asked me to get back to them in a few weeks, so the SLR camera and portfolio are really really important. It isn’t a definite project, but I am very flattered that they like my art enough to consider this. I will keep you posted in my future journals, and I will hopefully be able to tell you a bit more about it all if it goes ahead! 

I am also going to be collaborating with a lovely poet called Nat Hall. Nat kindly wrote a poem inspired by my art, when I was a visitorpeep with ArtiPeeps which I absolutely loved. All of the poetry that was written by all of the poets really touched me. You can find Nat’s poem here and the others here. This time Nat will be writing a poem and I will then do a painting inspired by her poetry. I cannot wait and I am thinking of using the neons on quite a big canvas for this! 

It is great that things are moving in the right direction. I don’t take anything for granted, so every little good thing that happens, always puts a big smile on my face! In fact I am smiling right now 🙂

I have included two pictures called Squiggle It and Ghoul La La! Squiggle It was the very first picture I ever did with the neons so it has a special place in my heart! For some reason Ghoul La La! reminds me of ghosts and bats in the woods. It wasn’t really aimed to be like that it was just the way it turned out at the time! Spooky!

Well it is now time for me to bid you farewell for another two weeks. I am so thrilled that things are starting to move, and I am already looking forward to my next instalment, which I hope will bring more great news!”

Until then bye bye,

Lili X

Squiggle It! :


Squiggle It! by Lili Morgan



Ghoul La La!:


Ghoul La La! by Lili Morgan


If you want to see more of Lili’s journaling and path you can find her lurking under the Visitor Peep Tab on our site Menu above.

Or follow her: https://twitter.com/LiliMorganArt


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