Weekend Showcase: Candice Buchanan (Poet)

10 May


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Candice Buchanan



 by Candice Buchanan


In this room

there is a piece of Berlin on the wall.

Red postcards with white scribbles.

Barcelona dancing past my eyes.

Tickets from trips taken

before the fall.

Photos with familiar faces smiling out,

reflected on the TV

and back at me.

Clothes on the floor, half drunk beer bottles,

books, boots, bills,

screwed up paper with confused rhymes-

“I’ll finish it another time.”

In this room

everything points toward the window:

constantly blinded.

Weightless dreams of escape slip

through the cracks in the sill,

through the cracks in my sanity.



Author Bio

I have a fascination with what I call the ‘inner life’, and more specifically emotions. As human beings they are a part of life that we all share and have to deal with, yet we try so very hard to hide how we feel from one another. As a poet my wish is to be fearless in what I write. I want to connect with readers emotionally and on difficult subjects such as mental health. My poem Room is about my own ongoing struggle with Agoraphobia.



If you want to find out more about Candice you can do so here:




Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be welcomed!


One Response to “Weekend Showcase: Candice Buchanan (Poet)”

  1. frenzyofflies May 13, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    Apart from being subtle and smart and beautifully written, your poem packs an extraordinarily powerful emotional punch. You are a great communicator.

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