‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #5 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)

16 May

Revolution Green

Several months have gone by  since Lili left her Visitor Peep/Artist In Residence position, and now she has returned for her regular fortnightly blog-spot. Lili will be taking us along with her on her painterly journey and the development of her work with ‘neons’. While Lili’s with us we’ll also be setting her up with a mini- collaboration and Lili will have access to mentoring if needed.

 Without further ado…here’s Lili:

Wednesday 15th May

Here we are again and things are looking good.

I have finally bought myself a lovely SLR camera and it is amazing! It may take a little while for me to work it out, as I am a total technophobe and I still haven’t worked out how to even fix the strap onto it yet! Never mind, I will certainly get there with it all very soon. I have managed to take a couple of photos and the quality is amazing! This means that I can start to build my portfolio now and get pictures done of my work to make some prints. Ohhh get me!!!…..;-)

I have had a bit of a disaster with one of my paintings. I decided to use spray paint instead of acrylic paint as the base. I also used lots of layers with the neons. Unfortunately, the neons no likie!! They totally cracked up! (Literally!). I have included a picture of the painting whilst it was still wet, and then when the neons dried and decided to misbehave! I was really happy with the painting as it was when it was drying, but I quite like it a bit cracked. It makes it very different. So I have decided the picture is going to stay, aptly named “Cracked Up”.


Cracked Up! Before Crack

Cracked Up! Before Crack


Aha!..As @Simon Cowell once tweeted, “Optimism rules!”….. 


Cracked Up! After Crack

Cracked Up! After Crack

So that is a definite “fail” for the naughty neons then!!


My collaboration with the lovely Nat Hall is now in production. Nat has written the most beautiful poem, which will inspire me to do a painting. I cannot tell you how beautiful the poem is. I just hope my painting will be able to do it the justice it deserves! The fruits of our collaboration will be put out on Wednesday 3rd July, so I will keep you posted with our progress.

I have also been asked today to do another collaboration, which of course I agreed to do. I will let you know more about this once I have more details. It is all very exciting stuff!

I am going to take the next couple of weeks to try to work out my camera, and also to start to build my portfolio. If this all goes without a hitch then I will (hopefully) be able to reveal my twist to my work. I need my portfolio done first though!

So that’s it from me for another fortnight then. Hopefully there will be VERY exciting news next time. Fingers crossed!! 

Until then,

Take care,

Love Lili X


If you want to see more of Lili’s journaling and path you can find her lurking under the Visitor Peep Tab on our site Menu above.

Or follow her: https://twitter.com/LiliMorganArt


Equally If you want to find out more about our present Visitor Peep Project ‘Interactions and Intersections’ with Kelly Occhiuzzo . You can find more out here and here


One Response to “‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #5 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)”

  1. Nat Hall (@nordicblackbird) May 16, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

    Wicked entry and artistic stuff through “cracked up!” Lili!!! Have a lot of fun with your SLR 🙂 Explore, experiment and happy portfolio making! Exciting times indeed 🙂 N x

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