‘Interactions and Intersections’: An Artistic Experiment In Collaboration #3

22 May

Interactions and Intersections

Welcome to ‘Interactions and Intersections’, an artistic exploration of collaboration by 3 artists over 1 month.

Featuring artists: Kelly Occhiuzzo, Sara Mena and Amanda Santos

“Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” ~Alexander Gorlizki

A couple of months a go I asked Kelly if she would like to take up our Visitor Peep/artist in residence initiative for a month, and we started to discuss the nature of collaboration and connection. As we talked Kelly came up with the idea of online, Twitter-based artists co-creating pieces of art. Passing work, one-to-the-other, and creating something truly collaborative. I then found the artists and what will follow over the next 4 weeks and be posted out on a weekly basis will be the gradual unfolding of 4 new, truly collaborative pieces of art. The project is intended to be experimental, fun, and with an emphasis on the connectivity and the process more than the completed compositions themselves.  

Each week we’ll let you see how the pieces are progressing, and we’ll spotlight one of the artists involved each week too.

This week our spotlight falls on Amanda Santos


But before we turn to Amanda here are the results of our Second week. Each artist now adding  their own individual twist on the first pass artwork which occurred last Saturday (18th). In case you’ve forgotten what the pieces looked like last week you can check them out here

 Here below is Amanda’s First Offering which has been added to by Kelly this week in our Second Pass:


Kelly-Week 2 Pass Adding To Amanda's Piece


And here below is Kelly’s Piece which has been added to by Sara this week:


Sara's Week 2 Pass Adding To Kelly's Piece


And here below is the piece by Sara which has been added to by Amanda this week:


Amanda's Week 2 Pass adding Onto Sara's Piece



^Please click on the image to enlarge


This coming Saturday each artist will pass their work on:

Kelly to Sara

Sara to Amanda

Amanda to Kelly

The third week results as well as a discussion by the artists on what they have felt about this experience will be posted out on Monday 27th May 


Now here’s a little bit more about Amanda:

“Hi, my name is Amanda Santos. I’m a junior in High School, and I only really got involved in art a year ago in my Art I class. Since then I have tried to learn everything that I possibly can about every type of art that I could find. I am still trying to find a style and a voice in the artistic world, but I’m on my way.

So far I have discovered that I particularly enjoy figure drawing , and using mixed media. Beyond that I am still learning and having a blast doing so. When Nicky asked me to be a part of this collaboration I was ecstatic. I have never done anything like this, and the opportunity to work with artists from around that world was one that I could not pass up. This experience has been amazing, and the pieces are growing into some fantastic works of art. Everyone is doing an amazing job!”


Here’s a slide show of some of Amanda’s artwork:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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