‘Interactions and Intersections’: An Artistic Experiment In Collaboration #4

27 May

Interactions and Intersections

Welcome to ‘Interactions and Intersections’, an artistic exploration of collaboration by 3 artists over 1 month.

Featuring artists: Kelly Occhiuzzo, Sara Mena and Amanda Santos

“Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” ~Alexander Gorlizki

A couple of months a go I asked Kelly if she would like to take up our Visitor Peep/artist in residence initiative for a month, and we started to discuss the nature of collaboration and connection. As we talked Kelly came up with the idea of online, Twitter-based artists co-creating pieces of art. Passing work, one-to-the-other, and creating something truly collaborative. I then found the artists and what will follow over the next 4 weeks and be posted out on a weekly basis will be the gradual unfolding of 4 new, truly collaborative pieces of art. The project is intended to be experimental, fun, and with an emphasis on the connectivity and the process more than the completed compositions themselves.  

Each week we’ll let you see how the pieces are progressing, and today we’re collectively reflecting upon the whole process.

Here’s what Amanda says about her experience thus far: 

‘I personally loved the experience of this collaboration. I loved interacting with artists from around the world through art. With each pass I got to see who the other artists were, their styles, and how those styles contrasted against each other but still worked together at the same time. It was fun to see each piece progress throughout the weeks. Everyone did a fantastic job, because all of the pieces are amazing works of art! This whole process was amazing but difficult, because I am a high school student. May is a busy time for any student, and keeping up with deadlines proved to be a challenge. However, I was still able to contribute which is really rewarding. If I had an opportunity like this again, I would not hesitate to sign up! Thank you to everyone that participated, especially Nicky who kept us all going.’

Here below is Amanda’s 3rd pass piece working from Kelly’s original and Sara’s Second pass addition:

The 3rd Pass, Amanda


Here’s how Sara summed up her experience thus far too :

‘Interactions and Intersections’ was and still is a fantastic artistic experience. Usually we do a picture ourselves, we think about our experience and our way to see the world. While that is welcome and pleasant., doing something with others helps us expand our view and how we see art. I loved this from the start and every week I had a lot of fun doing every image. I appreciate a lot how I was doing my pictures thinking about the other artists, giving them space to work on it and also trying to keep their expression in the pictures. I also like that I was able to use a lot of media in my pictures. I feel like I grew a lot with this. No wonder Surrealists did something similar to this. I suggest everyone do something like this whenever they get the chance. I also want to thank, Nicky, Amanda, Kelly and David for this amazing experience! Hope I can work with you guys in the future. ‘

Here below is Sara’s 3rd pass piece working from Amanda’s original and Kelly’s 2nd pass additions:  

artipeeps_pass3 Sara


Here we have Kelly’s feelings about her experience of Interactions and Interesections

‘Exciting week this was. The work passed was so wonderful,  I had a hard time wondering how to yet again morph it into something new.  But what was the most exciting for me was knowing the experiences the other artists were having,  especially Amanda. When I found out she was still in High School I thought her to be very brave to take this kind of project on. I am excited for her that this is the beginning of her artistic journey and she is not afraid to be challenged. I look forward to following both Amanda and Sara’s work into the future. We will forever be connected by Interactions & Intersections, and of course by Nicky, who so patiently put this all together. Thank you Nicky for providing this kind of forum for creatives to connect and share’.

Here below is Kelly’s Week 3 pass, working from Sara’s original artwork and Amanda’s 2nd Week addition:


Pass 3 Kelly's Work on Sara's Week 2

Nicky’s experience of Co-ordinating ‘Inteactions and Intersections’

”Interactions and Intersections’ out of all the collaborations ArtiPeeps has run so far has perhaps revealed to me the most about not only the wonder of collaboration but also the complex and delicate nature of interaction and collaboration. Particularly in the virtual world where there are no physical cues or signs to feed off, no ‘real’ faces to scour off for meaning.  Affective communication and actively communicating therefore become an imperative not only for the individual but  also for the collective. To maintain a group feel within this environment takes enthusiasm and openness. Kelly, Amanda and Sara have had ample amounts of both. To collaborate affectively is no mean feat, it’s something that artists in isolation don’t necessarily benefit from as Sara mentioned above. I’m hoping we can use this project as a template for the first of many, and I am inordinately thankful to the 4 artists involved for coming on board with this. Long may this connection continue and I’m looking forward to seeing the final, completed artworks next week.’


The 4th pass has just occurred (Kelly to Sara, Sara to Amanda, Amanda to Kelly) and you’ll be able to see the completed pieces in this project’s last post on Monday 3rd June. In case you’ve forgotten what the pieces looked like originally you can check them out here






One Response to “‘Interactions and Intersections’: An Artistic Experiment In Collaboration #4”

  1. frenzyofflies May 27, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    I’ve always been drawn to living, dynamic, evolving works of art and sculpture. Even as a spectator, it’s like being part of an adventure, and this is exactly the feeling I get when I watch the evolution here 🙂 And the quality of your work is astonishing!

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