Weekend Showcase: Oliver Pratt (Fine Artist)

7 Jun


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Oliver Pratt


Oliver Pratt 2


Oliver Pratt 1


In my mind I don’t like to say I’m an artist, I don’t know what but when I saw I’m at university and people ask me what I study I seem to hesitate before I say “I study fine art”. I don’t know why I do as I love art, it’s my subject at university, my hobby and a major factor in what job I take after university. Within my work I’m always moving from one thing to the next, I have the urge to go and make something if I draw it or have taken a photo. And this has led to me form an interesting method of practice that has helped me with my work.

And one of my favourite endeavours from this was my project “Night time gallery”, this project came apparent when I noticed that the car park near where I live is vacant at night but is open 24 hours. Also at the same time I had started making my installation piece I call “spikes” and I needed to get a large enough space to set them up, so one night I packed up my installation and with my camera went over to the car park and took photos of my work. From this I discovered that it was a interesting image seeing these different sized “spikes” in a place you wouldn’t expect to find them. This “night time gallery”was the beginning, for the rest of the week I chose to take my “spikes” and set them up in empty areas at night to take photographs.

The places I went to were selected based upon the reason that during the day they are busy and are unavailable until the evening. I started off in the car park and over the course of the week I got more adventurous until I got to the point I was setting them up in the city centre in front of a bank. Alongside the photography I was developing the spikes to overcome the problems I found during the project, things like being blown over by the wind or being susceptible to rain. All of these things were taken care of by using thicker materials and adding bags of rice into the base of each spike, and by doing this I was able to be more adventurous with where I would place the spikes.


You can find out more about Oliver and his work  here:




If you are a creative from any discipline and would like to be showcased please do get in touch via the comment boxes on any of out posts or pages. Or contact me via @ArtiPeep


One Response to “Weekend Showcase: Oliver Pratt (Fine Artist)”

  1. frenzyofflies June 7, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    This is amazing, Oliver; I love the kind of art that stimulates and intrigues and challenges our way of thinking. Thank you!

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