Flash Fortnightly #17

26 Jun

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Welcome to Flash Fortnightly!

Laura BesleyMy name is Laura Besley and I’m an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Over the years I’ve met thousands of students of all ages from many different countries in the world. This job really suits me as I love meeting people and learning about different languages and cultures. After working in England for a couple of years, I moved to Düsseldorf, Germany, where I taught Business English for two years and now I’m living in Hong Kong. This small pocket of Asia is a perfect blend of East meets West and is rich in colour, noise and inspiration.

That brings me nicely onto writing. I’ve been writing on and off since childhood and did my degree in English Literature and Film Studies. When I was in Germany I started writing a bit more regularly and in Hong Kong I’ve really had the time to dedicate to my writing. In 2011 I joined the Hong Kong Writers Circle and a critique group which allowed me to start looking at my work with a more critical eye. On 4th May 2012 I embarked on a project to write one piece of flash fiction a day. I’ve always seen myself as a novelist, but actually I’ve found that I really love writing short pieces as it gives you plenty of room to experiment with style, voice, characters and settings. And each day I can write something new.

I hope you enjoy this ‘Flash Fortnightly’ entry and I’ll be back on Wednesday 1oth July 2013 with some more…


The Great Escape

Mr. and Mrs. Wright were sitting on hard wooden chairs towards the front of the local community centre – which also doubled up as the village’s theatre – waiting in silence for the beginning of an amateur production of Hamlet. Mr Wright’s nephew, Rupert, was playing the lead part. Precisely four minutes before the show was due to start, Anne turned to George and said, ‘I just need to pop to the loo.’

‘Christ Anne, it’s starting soon,’ he replied, gesticulating wildly at his watch.

‘I know. I’ll be really quick.’ She put the badly photocopied flier onto her seat, picked up her brown leather handbag and left George sitting on his own, staring out of the window at the dark November night. She walked quietly, slowly down the aisle to the main lobby. The Ladies’ toilets were on the right. She glanced at the short queue, looked back over her shoulder and pushed the heavy oak door open.

Stepping into the car park she breathed in the cold air and let it fill her lungs. She dashed down to the main road and saw, with relief, the taxi she’d ordered earlier. ‘Airport, please.’

In the back seat of the taxi she looked at her watch and thought about Rupert who would no doubt be on stage by now. She was sorry to miss the show, she’d even helped him rehearse his lines, but she knew this was her only chance. Hopefully one day he would understand. She knew that George on the other hand would be fuming and wondering where she’d got to, but too embarrassed to get up and look for her before the interval, giving her enough time to get away.

‘Flying to Paris?’ the young woman behind the check-in counter said.

‘That’s right.’

‘Your flight leaves in two hours. We advise you go through Security straight away to avoid long queues.’

Anne put her passport back into her bag. ‘I’ll certainly do that.’

‘Any luggage to check in?’

‘No, just my handbag.’

‘I wish everyone would travel as light as you!’

Anne laughed like she was expected to. ‘Yes, I bet you do.’

Once through Security, Anne bought new clothes, a new bag and went to the Ladies’ to get changed. She bunched up her old beige blouse, stuffed it into her mouth and screamed as loud as she dared. The old material masked the noise enough not to cause any kind of commotion. Walking towards gate number 55 in a glittery fuchsia pink dress, she felt like this was the first day of the rest of her life.

Laura Besley


If you’d like to check out more of my writing, flash fiction and non-fiction, check out my  blog: Living Loving and Writing. Or you can follow me on twitter @laurabesley or connect on facebook Laura Besley Writer


2 Responses to “Flash Fortnightly #17”

  1. frenzyofflies June 26, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    Laura, another brilliant story, and it’s scary how much it strikes a chord… ;))

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