FreeSpace #1 Nat Hall and Lili Morgan: On the theme of ‘Music’

3 Jul

Here’s the first of 3 ‘FreeSpace’ Collaborations put together by poet Nat Hall and artist Lili Morgan inspired by the theme of  ‘Music’.  Nat’s poem was passed to Lili to provide her with the inspiration for her painting below. We hope you enjoy it!



Every colour holds its own notes.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It takes the Moon to know my mood…
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Triads of tarnished red in gold,
>>>>>>>>>Debussy defined

>>>Clair de Lune.
tiara invisible,
I hold your canvas
with white
as dusk
revives melancholy –
the other side of the mirror,
Frederic’s tears in arpeggios, Franz’s own
rage in minuets.

Or is it just a magic spell?

>>One woman’s work clad in scarlet?
>>>>>>>          She raves and twangs to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>    >>>>>>guitar & harmonica,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      >sits at the piano with angels and
            splashes sounds around the house as a painter would never dream…
There’s a blackbird inside her heart.
I hear colours sigh in darkness,
as fingers caress her

Sing me the songs
>>>>>>from your palette,
>>>>>>>>>>>toute la matière du monde.

It takes one Moon to know my mood,

It takes
>>one wrist
>>>>>to splash it round;
>>>>>>>>>>one set of notes
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>to light it up,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>one set of drums
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>for the musical rendez-vous.


© Nat Hall 2013

Here are the links to the pieces of music  that inspired the poem Prelude:

Claire De Lune by Debussy, Mazurka in A by Chopin, Liebstraum No.3 in A flat major by Liszt, Among Angels and Rubberband Girl by Kate Bush



Prelude by Lili Morgan, in response to Nat Hall’s poem Prelude


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