‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #10 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)

8 Aug

Revolution Green

Several months have gone by  since Lili left her Visitor Peep/Artist In Residence position, and now she has returned for her regular fortnightly blog-spot. Lili will be taking us along with her on her painterly journey and the development of her work with ‘neons’. While Lili’s with us we’ll also be setting her up with a mini- collaboration and Lili will have access to mentoring if needed.

 Here’s Lili:



Wednesday 7th August


It’s journal time again and unfortunately I am back home from a lovely holiday in Spain visiting my Mother who lives in Mazarron close to Murcia.
Before my visit I was told that there is a residing artist at Port Mazarron who I decided to visit whilst there. His name is Enrique Olivares and he was most welcoming. He has a bar called “Museo Olivares” which is full to the brim with his abstract pictures. I really liked his artwork and he allowed me to take some photos which I thought I would share with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 You can also see more of his art on his Facebook page Museo Olivares
 Due to the language barrier I couldn’t tell him that I write this journal, but I will be attempting to send this to him translated into Spanish. We did manage to communicate a little via my Mother and he has invited me to exhibit some of my pictures there in a few months time. This of course will mean that I will have to return there. Ah! What a chore!……Not! 
So I am very happy about that indeed 🙂
Back to here and now. I am focusing on my next collaboration with the lovely poet Nat Hall which will be featured on here Wednesday 14th August. Nat has yet again excelled with her poem, so I am forming ideas for my picture and I plan to paint it very soon.
I also mentioned in my last journal that I am planning a visit to Margate very soon. I am hoping to connect with some of the residing artists there which I am looking forward to. I am hoping to schedule the visit sometime in September, so I will keep you posted on my progress.
Well that is my news for now. I hope you like Enrique’s pictures as much as I do. 
Until next time.
Bye bye,
Lili X



If you want to see more of Lili’s journaling and path you can find her lurking under the Visitor Peep Tab on our site menu.
Or you can follow Lili on Twitter here:
Equally, you can find out about our last Visitor Peep Project ‘Interactions and Intersections’ with artist Kelly Occhiuzzo, You can find out more here, here, here, here and here.



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