Weekend Showcase: Lauren Coulson (Poet/Performance Poet)

9 Aug


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Lauren Coulson


This week we are choosing to put out two pieces of  our featured writer’s work, as opposed to the usual one. We do this when the creative feels that they have differing styles within their one creative intent.  As Lauren says:

 ‘My work is clearly segregated into “for page” and “for stage”. My work for page tends to be device heavy and inspired by pastoral poets whereas stage work focuses of the musicality of language.’

Part 1

Rainy Sunday

by Lauren Coulson

She pads, silent, through the Sunday,
in the space where she carved out a home.
Wraps awkward limbs around herself;
dressed in a faded shirt and wonkily stitched slippers.
Notes that: out in the cold that bites at ear lobes,
squirrels scurry with their secrets, as they so often do.
The kettle rouses. It paints mist onto windowpanes,
as she drags idle fingers into clumsy pictures.

Educate This!

by Lauren Coulson



When I was fourteen
one of the many teachers –
who still didn’t know my name
after five years of compulsory schooling
(that chipped away at any free thinking) –
asked me what I wanted to do when I finished.

I said I wanted to be a tattooist.
Revelled in the idea of painting
a part of myself onto other people’s skin;
creating the illusion of permanence
in a world of constant flux.

He said that wasn’t a good career move.
Why don’t you try and think of a back -up plan?
You seem creative,
why don’t you go to Art College?

So I enrolled at Art College.
When one of the many tutors-
who I argued with on a daily basis
over what it really means to be experimental-
asked me what I wanted to do when I left

I said I wanted to be an artist.
Wanted to live day to day,
unpicking my brain.
Stitching my story onto canvas
and sending it half way across the world
to be understood by strangers.

She said there’s no money in it.
What about going into advertising
or at least buffer and carry on studying?

So now I’m a graduate of a subject
that pumps through my veins
yet will never equate to security.
And when the inevitable question is asked of me
I shrug.

Mutter something about
the freezing economic climate,
say how unlikely it is to be able to live off poetry,
say maybe I’ll write a book,
say maybe I’ll paint a bit,
say maybe I’ll get a full time job for a company I hate,
rent a white clone shoebox apartment
and just forget any trace of myself.

But maybe I’ll go into teaching.
So that when a pair of mascara-laden,
fourteen year old eyes look up at me asking,
I will tell them
not to let anybody get in their way.


Poet’s Biography:


Lauren Coulson was awarded a first class degree in Creative Writing in 2013 and her poetry has won several competitions. She regularly explores themes such as nature and its interplay with our personal lives, as well as anecdotal and reflective performance poetry. At present she is working on non-fiction essays and articles, as well as merging her spoken word to music.




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