Great Things: ArtiPeeps Update

6 Sep

Great Things


FANTASTIC NEWS! We’ve found a venue and set a date for our ‘Transformations’ Exhibition/Poetry reading for next year!!  Put a note in your diaries for the 12,13, 14th September 2014 at Hanse House, Kings’s Lynn, Norfolk .

At the end of  March next year our poets will have come to the end of their heroic journey (book 15)  and it has always been my intention to then  find an external outlet for the culmination of all their wonderful creativity. The fact that we have now managed to find a place  for this is thrilling.  It is also my hope that through this new collaboration we can build  an ongoing  venue relationship which will then allow us to put on  other events connected to new online projects we facilitate in the future. It means we can hopefully put on more events after this one!!  It  also means we can  begin to contemplate generating an income. This is  HUGE!  and another big developmental step in ArtiPeeps’ journey; one that  allows us to  create a solid link between the virtual world and the real (which means more opportunities for creatives) This has always been my intention with ArtiPeeps.

Hanse House 3I was introduced to our venue,  Hanse House in King’s Lynn,  by Karin Heyer (one of our lovely Transformers). She took me to  the waterside where Hanse Hause is located and introduced me to  Kirsty who manages the venue.  The property is a beautiful listed building originating from the 15th century presently undergoing renovation and sensitive restoration.   You can see a picture of it above.

I told Kirsty all about ArtiPeeps and ‘Transformations’ and what my long term plans were and was met with enthusiasm. Kirsty showed us around the  building and flagged up  two particular spaces that might be suitable for our needs.  In the end I plumped for the space that had the most flexibility (and the highest ceilings). There’s a lot we can do with it.

The great thing about this new collaboration is that like ArtiPeeps, Hanse House is  a work-in-progress too. We have, curiously, similar paths. Moreover, the building and enterprise is  open and warm and supportive of what we are doing. I couldn’t be happier to have found such a good home for our project.  What’s also ideal is that the dates we have have booked above  will tie in with next year’s ‘Heritage Weekend’ which last year had 400 people passing through their doors. So it’s all good… and we have lots to work towards. I’m excited but equally aware of the work involved and the responsibility (to all parties).

In relation to ‘Transformations’ itself,:   at present I am confirming all the artists that will be involved in the project too. 5 more to go and that will have been sorted. The idea is that each artist is doing a painting or drawing or photograph that will rest alongside the Book-related Transformations poems  that have been chosen. The art and the poetry will rest alongside each other in the exhibition. It means too that there will be over 30 creatives involved in this whole collaboration, which is a magnificent, heartening thing! 

I also went through all the great poems the Transformers have written thus far,  and I have selected those which will be in the exhibition and book we are producing. We’re on Book 8 at the moment so there’s still some writing to do,  but at least we have some idea of an arc now which is fabulous.

Here is what has been selected:

Book 1: 

Nell Perry- of beginning

Greg Mackie- Cycle

Kate Garrett- Before After

Book 2:

Richard Biddle- Bad Trip

Karin Heyer- A Tale of Curiousness

Becca Smith- Transform

Lenka Monk- Epitaph

Book 3:

Carol Robson- Untethered Man

Nat Hall- Ignition

Becca Smith- Phaethon’s Sister II & III

Greg Mackie- The Manic Misogynist

John Austin Brooks- Are we Not all In Search of Something?

Book 4: 

Lenka Monk- Ballad of a Mulberry Tree

James Knight- 13 Medusa Variations

Richard Biddle- If I Were the Sun

Book 5:

Nell Perry- Dew Point

Carol Robson- Fertility

James Knight- The Guilty Statue

Karin Heyer- Human Destructiveness, Now and Then

Nat Hall- The Plough

Book 6:

Becca Smith- Act I & II, The King and his guilty  passion

Sadaf Fatima- Art

Kate Garrett- Revenge Englynion

Book 7:

James Knight- Myrmidon

Adam Wimbush- Jayson and the Astronauts

Carol Robson- Enchantress

Kate Garrett- Maybe Medea

nb. It could well be that once we have reached the end of Book 15 that the patterning of these might change somewhat or additions made. we will do whatever is best for the overall arc of the piece.

I’m really  looking forward to seeing what the Transformers come up with next- Books: 8-15!

You can find all of the ‘Transformations’ poems here

I just wanted to let you all know what was afoot. I am now busy drawing up budgets, planning for our project  Kickstarter campaign next March, exploring the world of self-publishing (for the project book)  and I am about to leap into the world of business plans next week.

My thanks to everyone who has shown such enthusiasm and support about what we’re trying to do. I am determined to put ArtiPeeps out into the real world too and to do so with energy, enthusiasm and care.  Also, if you have any skills or ideas that you would like to offer up  to ‘Transformations’ do get in touch. You’d be very  welcome.

Business plan here I come……

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