‘Struggle and Treachery’ Action 1/4: Transformations Poems (Book 7)

18 Sep


George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Poems Inspired by Book 7


Adam Wimbush and Rebecca Audra Smith



Jayson and the Astronauts*

by Adam Wimbush


The Astronauts blast through the atmosphere.

Fresh from the Thrace system where previously they had been,

Fighting the flying half-female forces of Harpeeys;

A race of soul tormentors who breathed fear and each one was a thought thief.

Fortunately their deformed forms were destroyed

Freeing the starved and tormented colony underneath

Who in return presented Jaysun with a compass with which to unlock the Cosmos.

Once cracked the cryptic coordinates guided him to the planet Colchis,

Where he would claim the “Shimmering Skin” from the savage Thing.

But the negotiations were complicated, revealing even more arduous adventures.

For Jaysuns cache would be empty if he couldn’t inspire and

Overcome the three layer test set out by the Thing.

But oh, how he oozed hero, sending waves of intoxication through Meedeeuh.

Her emotions flare and the alien love grows inside.

It mutates the meanings of the savage Things many mean manifestations,

Which now become meaningless.

Like the planets gravity she’s magnetised.

Caught in a prism of contradiction…she’s got the wrong triangle tingles…attracted to xeno-zones.

Feelings fluctuate in fancy frequencies as her moral compass flickers.

Surrounding powers sneak; they weave through inhuman web works

Were they can’t be understood.

Pumping god fluid into the pupa of paradoxical peril where the hatchlings of danger await.

Observing these dilemmas the snakes of her syntax hiss as she forges a shield of love.

A force field so strong no Layer Boss can penetrate.



Hazardous emotions reign creating a vortex in her soul

Which re-swirls images of alternative futures.

She commences to conjure.

Illusions solidify as realties dematerialise.

The galactic jigsaw pieces begin to slot together as,

Another goddess helps them piece together the puzzle of perception.

For within the circuits of the cosmos sparks hide, and

Tapping into this hidden electricity Meedeeuh and Jaysun decide to dive.


Layer 1:


With his force field glowing Jaysun confronts the Oxatons;

They vomit vortexes, they roar louder than black holes sucking in anti-matter.

They tear the fabric of space with their thunderous talons,

Horns of pure malice to the marrow, with which they rip reality.

Jaysun in his cocoon cruises into the beating black heart of the Oxatons hatred,

Were upon they release a shockwave of terror.

The negative energy is absorbed by the barrier of love and reflected back.

So their whirling withers, their energy dissipates and

The Oxatons dissolve into a time lapsed sunset.


Layer 2:


From the Things Terror Capsule

A handful of fossilised fangs where flung,

Biting deep into the flesh of the planet.

From these teeth seeds terrible things sprung,

Melting upwards into horrible humanoid creatures

Made from malignant bits, fetid flesh and bizarre bones, weaved together.

Their bio-weaponery stank, shooting rancid lasers at violating velocity.

These rotting robots wouldn’t stop till Jaysun was dead.

Their mangled forms advanced and

It seemed our hero would be overcome with their putrid power.

Fearing her love shield wouldn’t suffice

She uses a voice engine

Rendering her words sentient.

The wicked whisper seemed to swim

Corrupt and confuse their regurgitated bodies from within,

The Zombots fuse into a pulsating cancer of bone and meat

This violently erupts,

Spitting sinews and splintered bone, cutting its diseased neighbour down.


Layer 3:


Now armed with Meedeeuhs shamanistic song shadow

He prepares for the ultimate battle; to tackle the malevolent Monsect

With its bastardised exoskeleton and an array of angry appendages.

Ghostly heads that gorged on grief.

A tongue that seemed to fork forever

Searching for death from a mouth even evil was afraid to lurk in.

Despite its destructive capabilities it wasn’t immune to Meedeeuhs murmuring machine.

So when Jaysun synchronised it while unloading his Spray Gun

the Monsects consciousness evaporated.

In that frozen moment he snatched the Shimmering Skin from its golden holding cell.

Leaving behind this hell

With Meedeeuh as his wife and sporting an extra magic epidermis,

They flew off to the planet Iolcos in love.


(and that’s another story)



by Rebecca Audra Smith


Brew me a new life
out of green thumbs and songs.
Make me young as I was when I thought
our souls are made of sky colours.
I will plaster myself in marble
I will build my own tower
I will let you slit my neck
and fill me with fresh flowers. 


She promised youth,
she said, give me an ewe,
no, on second thoughts, a ram-
head heavy with horns-
and I will restore spring.

The pot was too small.
She stuffed the whorled body,
legs sticking out at right angles,
it bleat and then it shrunk,
leaving behind the sack of its old shape. 


Drain out the stale blood,
we must fill ourselves with life.
Daughters, stab your fathers,
sharpen the knives. 

When the corpse is quiet
and the moon is high
we will fill it like a chalice,
we can but resurrect or die. 




* =One of the poems to be included in our ‘Transformations’ Exhibition/Poetry reading September 2014, Hanse House, King’s Lynn, Norfolk


You can find out more about Adam and Rebecca here: 





Adam Wimbush



A warm welcome goes out to Adam who has joined the project half-way through.

nb. The group of ‘Transformations’ poets is now formerly closed. 

Rebecca Audra Smith







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