Beauty, Deformation and Monsters # 2

10 Oct


 Lydia Allison our ‘Writer In Residence’ for the month of October.

..and the ever-changing Halloween Monster!

‘I often just write what I feel. I have a real interest in physicality/beauty/deformity as I think image impacts on everyone.  I’m particularly interested in how people see themselves and how that influences their appearance or physicality subconsciously/metaphorically in terms of their feeling or actively by self harm/eating disorders. And I’m interested in perceptions of beauty and body dysmorphia’.


Here’s the second of five poems on deformation by Lydia Allison illustrated by emerging Artist Amanda Santos (See her biography below), and the second instalment of our ever-morphing, dastardly collaborative monster. This drawing is being  collaboratively produced and passed from artist-to artist week-by-week all contributing to one image.

The artists collaborating in Lydia’s project alongside Amanda are Gary Caldwell (whose work went out in our first post here) and Diana Probst and Sara Mena (whose work is to come). So….each week you’ll be presented with a new poem and two new images/artworks (one illustration & one growing monster) and you’ll also be introduced to each artist.



Blood Gold by Amanda Santos

Please do click on the image to enlarge


Blood Gold

by Lydia Allison


it drags the veins as it flushes and trudges
heavy and sludgy, it reminds you
of energy and time and waste

it weighs
and stretches the fibres
the skin
until she is numb
and unable to see
the leaves that shimmered
now gather around the rich tree root trunk of her heart
like cholesterol snagging in corners
and shutting valves like doors.

the key
a bright speck that navigates the brain
or abides in the green retina of the left eye
he noticed once

and hurts? can you not know?

it hurts
it makes her shine
and now it pools
a small dam low
in her chest

it pools
small sac by sac
so when she breathes
it’s cold and half dead
and tastes
like blood


Writer’s Biography

‘I’ve been writing for a couple of years and am currently in my final year of my BA in Creative Writing. Two years ago I thought it would be a miracle for me to string lines into poetry, but quickly fell in love with it and proved myself wrong. My real passion lies between the border of poetry and prose.’

Artist’s Biography:

 “Hi, my name is Amanda Santos. I’m a junior in High School, and I only really got involved in art a year ago in my Art I class. Since then I have tried to learn everything that I possibly can about every type of art that I could find. I am still trying to find a style and a voice in the artistic world, but I’m on my way.”

You can find more of Amanda’s art in a previous collaboration on ArtiPeeps, Interactions and Intersections.


The Monster .

with Amanda’s additions


Amanda's monster (2)


The monster was passed to Diana Probst today. She’s shaping the monster as we speak….


Lydia’s next poem will be out on ArtiPeeps next week-Wednesday 16th October.  You can also check-in then and  see what stage our cheery monster is at too!  


As always, your responses to either Lydia’s poetry or the art that has been created would be very much welcomed!!

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