Fear/Trust Multi-form Collaboration #2

22 Oct


Creatives Making A Difference

‘Supporting Mental Health’

FEAR/TRUST Collaboration

Welcome to the second collaboration in an eight week, fortnightly engagement with the emotions of fear and trust.  For this particular collaboration we have paired four artists and four poets together. The artists have taken up the theme of fear, and the poets, in response, are engaging  with the theme of trust. In so doing we’re attempting to artistically and accessibly engage with the dynamics between the two emotions – the clashes and the spectrum between the two contrasting feelings. The poets and artists have been exchanging  ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the weeks roll by is the diverse expression of that exchange.
 It’s our intention that these collaborations will form an online resource which will  potentially bring comfort, provide an innovative  means to engage with difficult feelings, and ultimately to provide access to information about mental health in a stimulating manner. The idea is that we will also eventually group these collaborations together into exhibitions and installations to further promote public awareness and engagement with these issues. Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features

 Rob Fitzmaurice (Artist) and Robin Sounder (Poet)


Five Fugitive Fears



















by Robin Sounder


Playing with fire

Your soul climbed up

Towards the sky

 Like a smoke signal

The sun mocks your


 It burns so bright


The darkness comes

crashing violently

And I know that last night

Was the last night

Of this life


I trust there is a plan

Written down somewhere

Wordy and dense

It winds like a maze through

The broken morning


Blue water

The empty screen

Blue love

I know you’re hiding

In some place

Inside of me


I can’t remember 

The sound of your voice


I was trusting 

In transference

Trading one hollow thing

For another


Blue pain

Through the wires

Clings to me

Like a scar


Watching myself in the mirror

I was watching 

The news


I’d seen all the signs


When I learned to trust

I was afraid



Did god leave a light on

For us?


I could trust in transcendence


But my eyes

Are not windows

They are walls



We are sheltered somewhere

Inside of our bodies


This is the final betrayal

When will

The very home

That houses our soul

Fight us to the death?


We have no choice

We have to trust


Playing with fire

Our souls climb up

Towards the sky

 Like a smoke signal 

The sun mocks our




You can find more about Rob and Robin here:

Robert Fitzmaurice (born 1960) is a British painter and printmaker. His work, which he describes as lyrical figuration, is characterised by an expressive use of colour and form. The human figure is an important motif for him, and it appears in various guises, shaped by ideas about the human condition and rites of passage. Originally from the Midlands, he studied Fine Art at the universities of Sunderland and Reading. Since then he has exhibited in the UK and abroad, and his work has entered a number of private collections. He lives and creates in Reading, Berkshire.



Robin Sounder:





Please do comeback for next Fear/Trust collaboration on Monday 4th  November.

Thank you for your interest.

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