ArtiPeeps Update: Pulling It All Steadily Together

5 Nov

Pulling it all together

I thought as we were nearly half-way through this season of collaborations and showcases that I would do a little update of ArtiPeeps’ recent movements forward. I’m grateful to say there have been a fare few baby steps in relation to our formalisation which has really prompted this update and been necessitated by our preparations for our poetry/art exhibition ‘Transformations’ next year.

Firstly, and most importantly, I would like to announce that ArtiPeeps is presently constituting as a small voluntary organisation. We now have a Chairperson and a Treasurer and, confirmed as of this morning, a Secretary too. This is not a legal structure, but it does make us official and allows us to apply for certain funding streams that at the moment, as we are,  we can’t access. This is the first step towards eventually becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee with a legal structure.

It also means that ArtiPeeps now has another ‘official figurehead’ beside me who will act as the formal representative of ArtiPeeps at public occasions etc.  We will now hold regular committee meetings and there now can be some monitoring of our services and input from the outside to make sure we’re on track. Constituting also  allows us to pursue the notion of membership in relation to ArtiPeeps which is an exciting development. I have started a user-input group in order to explore issues around membership and this group’s feedback will directly affect our strategic plans. So ArtiPeeps is consolidating and constituting, which feels very grown up; the responsibility is also now somewhat spread which also feels great.

As far as ‘Transformations’ is concerned we now have 15 artists all attached to the various books of Metamorphoses and a Google group has been started so the artists can share their creative process. Overall 30 creatives are involved in the exhibition at Hanse House next year. I couldn’t be happier.

Of late I have been going regularly to Hanse House because we are deciding how to hang the pictures and poems. At the beginning we thought it was going to be relatively easy with display stands but this has not worked out and we are now exploring the idea of creating large rectangular cubes (if, indeed, a rectangle can be a cube). I’ll keep you posted on that one! We have also virtually confirmed our budget so we know what amount we have to crowdfund for next year.  Last week I also got in contact with Norfolk County Council in relation to tapping into their Arts Project Fund. They are sending me an application form now, and I’m hoping to apply for this. They can give us a maximum of £500 which we have to find match funding for….

We have also decided to get schools involved in our event and we are having a special  comic version of some of the stories from Metamorphoses made. We are hoping this will attract schools to ‘Transformations’ . It is our intention that we can then use this material as an educational template for future multi-form collaborative exhibitions (at the moment I’m thinking that a Norse Sagas collaboration will follow Metamorphoses in 2015).  Just last week I found out that there is a GCSE and AS level called ‘Classical Civilisations’  run at two of the high schools in King’s Lynn, and I am hoping that ‘Transformations’ might be a good access point for these students to explore Ovid and Metamorphoses.

I have decided from next year onwards to put ArtiPeeps collaborations, Weekend Showcases and FreeSpaces out in 3- monthly seasons. This will allow me time to focus on ArtiPeeps’ development (funding, sponsorship etc) whilst still providing the creative individual and collaborative opportunities. It will also allow for the possibility of theming these months which would be fun too. The next one would therefore start in March 2014, and I will start looking for creatives for that in January 2014. ‘Transformations’ and ArtiPeeps Updates will continue as per normal. 

I have also been very pleased with the quality and response to our ‘Supporting Mental Health’ collaborations  (fear/trust and comfort) which I think have completely met the brief and have used word and image to address really important issues in a creative and striking manner. My aim is to draw these all together (along with The Recovery Project‘) and create an exhibition. It is our overall aim to eventually  tour with all our multi-form  exhibitions  so that this work and the creatives involved can be given an even wider audience.

There are a million and one other little things going on which I won’t bore you with, but I can’t say how much your continued, daily support means to me and by implication all those involved in ArtiPeeps.

I would be extremely interested in feedback on the mental health collaborations we’ve been running- whether you think that they work? What we could do better?

Once again I appreciate your interest, and hope you’ll stick with us as ‘it all steadily pulls together’.

All the very best.


2 Responses to “ArtiPeeps Update: Pulling It All Steadily Together”

  1. nordicblackbird November 5, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Fantastic, and, oh – Norse sagas 😀 just my street, Nicky!!!! That will be some (other) exciting collaboration to look forward to 🙂

  2. nordicblackbird November 5, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Meantime, the building up to next year’s exhibition in Norfolk also sounds very appetising 🙂

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