‘Strength and Disgrace’ Strike 1/4: Transformations Poems (Book 9)

7 Nov


George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Poems Inspired by Book 9


Sadaf Fatima and Carol Robson



Flip Side

by Sadaf Fatima


The blood cloak you thought

Would incite romance,

Took Hercules away.

Remember, love isn’t just delight

It‘s also destruction.

It’s not just a beginning,

But can also be an end.

The ills may or may not

Lie with you,

Or the person you love,

But the rumors,

Real or false,

Bring you to a sad end.

But don’t despair,

As love comes without warning,

And even goes without a hint.

Don’t despair as you two,

Aren’t the only ones,

Fate’s the third to decide,

For a happily ever after,

Or an ever after,

Without each other.

Love that incites romance

Also burns it down.


Love Transcends

(Iphis and Ianthe)

by Carol Robson

A raging fire burned
loves flames kindled
elicited by your beauty
innocence in despair
knowing this love
betrothed in ignorance
by a loving father
unaware of deceit
by a loving mother
accepting the truth
of the prophecy of Isis.

The Gods frowning
a Sapphic love
not yet countenanced
there should not be
girl with girl.
My desires
my beautiful Ianthe
that you be man
or even I
to consummate
to bring purity
for our love desires.

True love triumphs
above all foolishness
love is much more
than decreeing
the genders
of who has
madness to love
or to lie with
their desired bride.

Decreed by Isis
our troth fulfilled
I’m now man
rendered by Goddess
for satisfaction
of the Gods
and families.
Yet! my beautiful Ianthe
our love transcends
Gods, Goddess and Gender.

©Carol Robson 2013

You can find more about Sadaf and Carol here:

Sadaf Fatima




Carol Robson


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