Weekend Showcase: Jennie Bailey (Writer)

8 Nov


Every Friday, 1 artist/poet/writer, letting 1 piece of their work speak for itself.


Jennie Bailey 

Collages for Conifers


1. Ingredients for photosynthesis and afternoon tea


One teabag per person. A mug.

Boil water, pour over bag

of tea leaves. Allow to brew. Remove.


One sun per planet Earth.

Chlorophyll, green to capture sunlight,

converts carbon dioxide and water

to sugar and oxygen.


Sugar. One heaped teaspoon.

Stir in granules until they melt.

Cool with milk and exhalation.


For biological systems,

sunlight plays a role in sustenance.

Green chlorophyll, transpiration.


White plate, pile of oat biscuits.

Dip into the mug, absorb tea,

disintegrate. Eat. Grit of wheat

against teeth. A sweet hit.


Light soaked up by pigments;

chlorophylls absorb blue, red.

Rays transmit through the leaves,

yellow and green reflected.




Hello!  I’m Jen.  I’m a writer, educator, environmentalist and social justice activist.  I love writing and learning so I am pretty much interested in everything – both a blessing and a curse! 

I am fascinated by eco-poetics and in fusing science with art.  ‘Ingredients for photosynthesis and afternoon tea’ is partly a found poem from instructions on a packet of tea and words taken from a science textbook.  This piece is from ‘Collages for conifers’: a sequence of short poems that dance around seasonal change, photosynthesis, decay and Aboriginal dream time.  

 If you want to find out more, my education and nature Twitter is here: @wildwrites and website is here: www.wildwrites.org.uk


Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be more than welcome!


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