Weekend Showcase: Tony Adams (Photographer)

15 Nov


Every Friday, 1 artist/poet/writer, letting 1 piece of their work speak for itself.



Tony Adams


One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” 

― Henry Miller


Tony Adams 1

Please do click on the image to enlarge



 Hey. About 2 years ago, maybe more, I got into a little social networking site called Instagram. You may be familiar with it… It’s since become pretty massive, bought out by the evil Facebook corporation and slowly becoming less like the site I was drawn to initially and more like the sort of site I’d nowadays avoid. But I’m persistent and carry on posting my pictures, choosing words that will accompany them and maybe add a little something extra to the shots. Sometimes those words are from other folk and sometimes, if my creative juices are in full bloom, they’ll be my own.

 I edit all my pictures on my iPhone, recently updated to a 5S for even greater editing powers and take the majority of them on the phone too. I do take photos with my “real camera” and occasionally will edit these down and share them on Instagram also. 

 I usually go for darkness, isolation and emptiness as themes and try to either lighten them up with a quote or darken them further, depending on where my mood takes me. But as grim as my photos can get I always believe that there is a bit of hope in them, an opportunity to look inward and find a truth hidden inside yourself that sometimes only the darkness can highlight. 




Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be more than welcome!


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