‘Stella I’m Bleeding’ by Michael Schmidt (Writer) FreeSpace #2

21 Nov


Image by Justas Marcinkevicius


Stella, I’m Bleeding

by Michael Schmidt


Death Dances in broken down dreams thumbing my way through idlechatter/whitestatic alcohol-hallucinations wishing I could do something about the screeching quartet that has every intention of stopping just before the height of its crescendo.




Abyssinian monks descended from their holy-gray pedestalic mountains to drown me in mirrors— Air so quiet and cold we can hear the ice crystalline when we stab your lungs with new breath and smoke.

I wish I had the patience to keep company with a hunter’s moon and watch her sink behind black mountains  and thin iridescent clouds squinting and unable to turn away from a new sun.


I crushed a flaming-white butterfly in my hand by accident in a hazy green and yellow aspen grove when I was young— I’m scared to try now lest my grip falter, or worse!

Yips, cackles— tall strong blonde blue-eyed girls with flowers in their hair stumble in high heels and seep into  walls of darkness towards eager coyotes with glowing teeth— When they come back (they always do) their eyes will be grey— and then a conversation or a silence can finally. Begin.



You can find out more about Michael and his writing from his website: 



MIchael’s 3rd FreeSpace Slot will be on Thursday 19th December


*’FreeSpace’ offers creatives or groups 3 slots on ArtiPeeps which can be taken up in a cluster or in a sequence over a period of months. They can be used for further showcasing, self-expression or for projects.

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