Volunteer Responses to Space2Create (FreeSpace #3)

26 Nov



Volunteer Responses to S2C


I asked a few Space2Create volunteers to tell me what it meant for them to be involved with S2C, what volunteering did for them. As a voluntary led organisation we rely on volunteers but must also recognise that the volunteers are as much a part of the group as any of the participants. We want the group to allow individuals to deal with problems in their lives, to begin a positive journey. We hope that individuals will come to our groups and evolve then move on, this applies to participants and volunteers who we hope grow from the experience of being involved with the creativity we use as our tool to aid recovery and development.

J writes:

“Being involved with space2create benefits me individually in many ways. Firstly, as a qualified (though not currently practising) occupational therapist I recognise the benefits of creativity to aid well-being. In fact it is core to our profession and much research has been carried out around this issue. Secondly, the group allows me to use many of the skills I trained for. Working with individuals and groups but always recognising that everyone is unique with their own set of goals, aims, beliefs and desires. Thirdly, I love being involved in creativity on a purely personal level. It is a passion and interest of mine and I benefit from its therapeutic value greatly.

Space2create encourages creativity, individuality and self expression . It allows me and everyone involved to develop new skills, experiment, learn from others and this in turn gives me confidence to try new things and to encourage and support others to do so.”

C writes:

“The benefits to me of S2C are manifold, but primarily revolve around being an integral part of a self-supporting and enthusiastic team, and also in the satisfaction gained from delivering a valued service to participants and, in the case of flagship projects, to a wider public. The creative aspects to the role are valuable both in providing a focus for various therapeutic and communal energies which the charity helps to embody, and in providing a personal sense of achievement with the completion of each project or piece.”

K describes:

“Being involved benefits me enormously – It’s the one session of my week where I can be creative, safe, productive and satisfied.

Through creativity I can express my deeper feelings, fears, worries, joy, contentment,… In the safety of the group I can go from a giggling childlike woman to feeling, and exploring, my ‘troubles’ as an adult in the here and now!!

The creativity is a place from which to connect with all the other members of the group. We all have our different ‘issues’ but the feeling of the ability to communicate and find ourselves ‘all in the same boat’ is better than any therapy I’ve had in a long while.

It’s the best thing that’s happened to me this year and I am so grateful this opportunity has come my way. It’s not only a space to create, it’s a space simply to be.”



Ribbon and Wire by Mat JimDog

(‘the volunteers and participants of S2C entangling, supporting and merging’) 


All these people give their time to help individuals who are struggling to cope, are isolated and excluded. By their actions positive steps are forged to help these individuals move forward and begin to recover their lives from whatever distress they have been in. Volunteering is itself a tool to achieve this. There is nothing more powerful for one’s own well-being than to help another improve theirs. Creativity is our vehicle but it is the relationships, links and community that individuals come together to form that allow it to happen. Without the volunteers Space2Create would be nothing.


For more information on all those involved see:





logo1To find out more about S2C:


Twitter: @S2Cspace2create 

Facebook: Space2Create

Email: info@space2create.co.uk


Many thanks to Space2Create for sharing what you do and for sharing it with us.  Here’s to more collaborations between us!  Nicky

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