Weekend Showcase: Anil Godigamuwe (Poet)

13 Dec


Every Friday, 1 artist/poet/writer, letting 1 piece of their work speak for itself.



Anil Godigamuwe


Mirror Boy (V)


I am the me that you want me to be
Looking in through a lens of demi-transparency
Looking out for the facets that we want to see
In the silvery shard of this artificiality

Caught in the half-world of waking and light
My view of you’s akin to oracular sight
And best of intentions to make the cryptic seem bright
As this is our compact made by glassy invite

I know that you want me to be your projection
You know that I’d long to be that protection
But neither side stands up to some closer inspection
And for today we let us be in the face of reflection




 Anil Godigamuwe

Wit, raconteur, after-dinner skydiver-for-hire… Anil is none of these things and more. He’s still just a geek trying to make his way in a diceless world. Contributing editor to the Whippersnapper Press, Anil has performed at book launches, weddings and various poetry nights around London. He will do (not quite) anything, (generally) anywhere, (almost) any time.


Twitter: @godigumdrop



Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be more than welcome!


2 Responses to “Weekend Showcase: Anil Godigamuwe (Poet)”

  1. Gill O December 13, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    When I read this poem, in my head, I heard it performed as a rap. Whether it’s meant as a rap or not, my reflection is that it’s a very clever poem – I’ve wanted to read it several times since it arrived this morning. I love it.

    • ArtiPeep December 17, 2013 at 8:48 am #

      Thanks, once again, Gill for your lovely comment. I’ve passed it on to Anil. 🙂 All the very best. Nicky

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