’40’s and Chocolate Bars’ by Michael Schmidt (Writer) FreeSpace #3

19 Dec

Flock of Pigeons - Watercolor Painting of Birds


40’s and Chocolate Bars

by Michael Schmidt


40’s and chocolate bars and butterfly wings
and whispers so soft you can feel them trickle like marmalade and hot water down your spine
and cold nights
That dripped in big fat spaced out rain drops and tangled our hair while we shouted at strangers out of the window of a moving car.

It hurts to walk in the mornings.

We laughed and fed pizza crusts to pigeons only because we thought they had finally made it home.

But what about the doves?
And about you?
And what about I?
And what about the millions of things we say/said/did and the things we forget?

The feeling comes in waves.

My toes are always wet but I’ll never get in,
I remember dreams that I can’t forget.

You’re always there in rain and in a look…

And what about snow and lilies and white sun-light and sun-burnt angels?
We scrambled over broken planks
And choked on saw dust.

I am pink.
A King of pigeons…

I cough and you cough back.



You can find out more about Michael and his writing from his website: 



This is Michael’s last FreeSpace but he will be back next season (March-May 2014).

His other two FreeSpace pieces were ‘Phantasmogoria’ and ‘Stella I’m Bleeding’



*’FreeSpace’ offers creatives or groups 3 slots on ArtiPeeps which can be taken up in a cluster or in a sequence over a period of months. They can be used for further showcasing, self-expression or for projects.

If you are interested in FreeSpace, don’t hesitate to get in contact via a reply box, or the form on our ‘What’s On’ Page or via @ArtiPeep

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