ArtiPeeps Queen’s Speech 2013

23 Dec



And in line with that festive message I have the great pleasure of announcing that ArtiPeeps is now a fully constituted small, online voluntary organisation. We now have a constitution, a management committee and a soon to be bank account. To all intents and purposes we have formalised and become something concrete and more than virtual which is fantastic!  The implications of this also affect the opportunities we provide positively and dynamically. It now means that I can apply for funding for both our projects and our organisational needs. It also means that we can turn ourselves into a membership organisation, and my intention is to start that off in parallel with our ‘Transformations’ exhibition next September (See here). I can hardly believe it really! It’s a wonderful thing.  I remember sitting here last year writing 2012’s queen’s speech and wondering where we’d be in a year’s time, and I don’t think I ever imagined that we would be putting on ‘Transformations’ in the way that we are, or that ArtiPeeps would be formalised in the way that it is now. It also means that I now have got a small group of people behind me who I can consult with and who can offer advice.

My main focus for this year is the ”Transformations’ Kickstarter Campaign’ which I think will probably run in April 2014 and the ‘Transformations’ exhibition in Hanse House that follows. I am applying to various funders and sponsors but we still need the Kickstarter campaign to be a success for everything to go ahead. The whole project has blossomed into something so wonderful that features such talent and supports collaboration between artists and writers in a profound way. It is also creating an amazing collaborative literary piece and new artwork is being created too.  And I have also come to value Ovid’s tales enormously and become aware of the impact they have had on our culture and the stories we tell each other. Your support right the way through next year is not only valued but critical to our success.

 ‘Transformations’ will  also act as a template for what’s to come and the plan is to have one large scale collaboration plus exhibition and book per year.  Our newly established connection with Hanse House means that we can now have a home for our poetry and art exhibitions and collaborations. So there now can always be external outlets for what we do virtually. This extends our ability to platform creatives. It is also my intention to apply for funding so we can tour nationally. Watch this space on that one…

The website is also going to be completely revamped in the new year. A ‘wire frame’ is being produced at the moment and I’m going to make certain that there will be more opportunities within the site to visually promote creatives. And I’ll be able to control how I present the poetry and images much better. From next year the site’s schedule will be driven by ‘seasons’ of work. These will run through three months with a month in between. There will be 2-3 seasons per year. Our next full season, therefore will be March-May 2014 which I am scheduling at the moment. It will contain our usual mix of showcases, FreeSpaces, Creative Residencies and form-specific and mental health collaborations. Until March I will continue to post out ‘Transformations’ poetry,  ArtiPeeps Development posts and Kickstarter Campaign details as needed.

This past year has felt quite extraordinary. I’ve learned so much- some of which has felt fantastic and some of which has been uncomfortable and been an opportunity for me to learn and grow. Yesterday,  someone on the phone made a very pertinent analogy. She said: ‘you know what it’s like when you put a rucksack on your back and you haven’t got it settled in the right position yet for it to feel comfortable. I think this is the way it is for you and ArtiPeeps at the moment’.  I think next year will be when my ruck-sack truly settles. By the end of this coming year I think ArtiPeeps will be what it is meant to be, and I’ll have gained a breadth of curatorial and fundraising skills that can only help me provide better and better services and opportunities for creatives. Ones that support new work and well-being. 

I am doing what I’m meant to do and this past year has been very affecting personally and ArtiPeeps-wise I’ve learned a lot about respect and connection, and I haven’t (I hope) intentionally taken any relationship within it for granted.  This coming year is going to be the making of ArtiPeeps. It’s going to be a colossal learning curve for me and I take on the responsibility of what I’m doing gladly,for I believe totally in the talent and skill of everybody I have worked with and am working with. Nobody is forgotten and everybody is valued. 

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to everyone that regularly looks at what we do.  Your feedback and attention never goes unnoticed and is wholeheartedly appreciated. I’d also would like to thank the Transformers and contributors over this past year. You’ve all been great. And a big shout-out to those creatives getting involved next year too. And finally a big thank you to the ArtiPeeps management committee (who include 3 Cambridge-based Transformers). Your support and faith in me means a lot. 

I’m looking forward to the new year and ‘Transformations’ enormously, and to planning more exciting opportunities and initiatives that can support and platform more and more creatives. 

Now, with great pleasure here’s  message from the new Chair of ArtiPeeps: 

‘Hi everyone! Just a brief message to introduce myself as ‘Chair’ of the recently constituted Artipeeps. I first joined Nicky’s Creativity group over 12 months ago with fellow committee member Gill O . We have enjoyed many creative meetings exploring different themes through various mediums and have witnessed with great respect Nicky’s development of ArtiPeeps as a collaborative artistic on-line community.
I am a novice in artistic terms, but find great inspiration from Nicky’s creativity group meetings and will be exhibiting either a charcoal drawing or watercolour (based on book IV), at the Transformations’ exhibition in September 2014.
I’m sure you will agree that Nicky is herself an inspiration and that what she is developing with ArtiPeeps is truly ‘awesome’. I would like to encourage you to support the Transformations Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign being launched in April of 2014 through which we are hoping to substantially fund the exhibition, as I and my fellow committee members will be doing. It will be fantastic to see everyone’s work brought together at the event.
Meanwhile, I would like to wish everyone good health, happiness and a very ‘merry Christmas” .
Elaine O. 

Here’s to the new year ahead!

All the very best.


2 Responses to “ArtiPeeps Queen’s Speech 2013”

  1. nordicblackbird December 23, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

    Thank you, and have a fabulous Yule, N and everyone! Congratulations on all those fabulous achievements, N! Yes, 2013 has been a year of great transformations indeed! A toast to ArtiPeeps & all involved 🙂 tis time to smile & cheer. N xx

  2. Gill O December 29, 2013 at 12:02 am #

    Hear, hear to all of that – ’tis definitely the season to be jolly! Congratulations Nicky. And best of wishes for all the transformations and transformers past, present and future x

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