Nests: ‘Womb’ by Lauren Coulson; Painting by Atalina Homan #1

4 Mar


Welcome to the first of 4 post slots from our creative in residence Lauren Coulson who, over the next 4 weeks, will be creating, as she put it:

“A series of poems that follow a journey of nesting. Looking at my own personal experiences with creating nests for myself (womb, imagination, trees, own house etc). These will tie in with nature and human experience.”

Artist and poet Atalina Homan will be book-ending and supporting  Lauren’s exploration with her artwork in posts 1 and 4.


I nestled against my mother’s trunk;
suspended like death in a specimen jar.
I was a seed. Sprouting new branches
as I listened to a symphony
plucked out on heartstrings
and the thunderous rumble of her stomach.
Waiting for daylight so I could ripen
until the day I laid my own roots.




by Atalina Homan

I  started with the oval shaped textured background, to create a nest or womb like feel. Then acrylic and watercolour were added to create depth, with the seed in the centre (hanging like death in a specimen jar) and the vines (plucked out on heart strings) leading to roots which are reaching out into the light.
Lauren’s poem was strong emotionally and visually and so I didn’t stray too far creatively from the content. 


Lauren Coulson:

was awarded a first class degree in Creative Writing in 2013 and her poetry has won several competitions. She regularly explores themes such as nature and its interplay with our personal lives, as well as anecdotal and reflective performance poetry. At present she is working on non-fiction essays and articles, as well as merging her spoken word to music.


Atalina Homan:

Atalina Marie Homan is an artist, poet and writer. Born to a Polynesian mother and English father in the late seventies, she is inspired by both western and eastern culture.

Atalina’s approach to the arts is both expressive and spiritual. Her current portfolio includes a unique series of silhouette drawings, inspired by the wonders of nature and artistic traditions of the pacific that often contain a symbolic or storytelling element.

Atalina studied photography and graphic design and after developing an interest in eastern philosophy and meditation, has recently completed a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science.

Atalina lives along the coast of England with her husband and three children and is currently working on her first book, ‘Love Says’, An inspirational collection of prose poetry written in the spirit of love.

 “I find the arts to be an expression of the soul, a way to both celebrate our journey and explore the illuminating landscape of our emotions. It is incredibly empowering to experience our ability to create, express and manifest our visions and dreams. We all have this ability and use it in many ways in our daily lives, visual creation in the arts simply brings that potential to our conscious awareness, that’s powerful!”


Lauren will be back next Thursday (13th) with the next stage of her exploration.  Tomorrow, we have poet Mandy Gibson’s first ‘FreeSpace’  beginning an exploration in which she revisits a previous micropoem project of hers. Hope to see you there! 


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